Adventquest is the union of two video game fan (Piccomaster and Thundesrtruck) who have decided to create original and free content with the Minecraft JAVA game in vanilla. The team specializes in the development of vast and immersive RPG adventures, in particular with the « Across The Time » license, the universe of which continues to expand over time.

The first solo project conceived by Piccomaster dates back to 2013 with the labyrinthine adventure map « Dungeon Doomaster ». This project was made for version 1.5 of Minecraft.

Following the astonishing enthusiasm of this first project, Thundestruck and Piccomaster finally united to create a great RPG adventure « Across The Time ». Passionate about RPG games, and playing many Minecraft maps, they were often hungry because playing time was often limited to 4-6 hours of play.

Then, a colossal work over two years is undertaken to create an adventure map exceeding 30 hours of playtime. From construction, terraformation, redstone system, control block, scenario and lore or even music composition, a lot of systems have been designed with what version 1.8 of Minecraft allowed.

A few months after the map was released and available in French, English and even Chinese, more than 500,000 people had downloaded the map.
A huge success that surprised the team and motivated them even more to continue the adventure by working for an even more ambitious project.

It was therefore after the release in February 2015 of their major project « Across The Time » that Team Adventquest was founded with the creation of its website.

Without delay, the two enthusiasts decided to think about the rest of their second map.
The « Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets » project was born!

During 5 years of work the mappers will strive to make the most of the Minecraft engine has to offer them. Many versions of Minecraft will be released, offering them more and more possibilities but delaying the release of the map.

Indeed, the project first conceived with command blocks will have to be completely re-coded thanks to the addition of « functions ».
A bad for a good because it will have the benefit of adding a lot of content.

Also, many other people, passionate about the « Across The Time » universe and fans of the team’s work, will join in to help with the long design of the map. Translation, constructions, as well as the numerous tests will have been essential to correct the many bugs, inconsistencies but also to provide suggestions. 

After the pre-ALPAH, ALPHA, BETA phases, a first version of the 1.0.0 map will be produced on December 16, 2020. But this is not without counting on the motivation of the team, which with the release of the latest version of Minecraft 1.17 will add even more content. 

The map having reached a playing time potential exceeding 100 hours, the dream of creating a real video game has been realized!

In parallel with this last project, they decided to create a Tipeee site, a crowdfunding platform, to collect donations and promote their work. A Discord server is also designed to bring together a community with more and more members.