RPG basis

Across The Time 2 is just like the previous one : a RPG Adventure style map PVE with a multiplayer mode: from 1 to 5 players.

You will need to complete a very long journey through a main quest, across a huge semi-open world (some places will be reachable according to the progress you made on the main quest).
Many quests and challenges await you on the road as well as a lot of battles against monsters.

As in any other RPG you will be allowed to choose between different classes, but also to select your answers on some dialogue. In order to improve your abilities and evolve, you will have an evolution system based on your level and a highly developed economy to help you progress.
Also hundreds of items (partly customized by texture pack) are included in the map. They can be available in shops or to collect in the monsters’ loots you kill.
A magic system of leveling and power was created for the map, and many things, which will be introduced later on.

PVE and fight

Your path will be full of pitfalls and the monsters you meet will always be more powerful than the previous. Normal Mobs like the elites will have a level system according to the player’s power. Like that, improvement and progression will sound even more attractive.
Many bosses (customized with blocks of commands) will stand in your way. You will have to fight using all your strength … but also cunning, to beat them.
In open areas, monsters will reappear to enable the players to farm and increase their power.
To fight these dark forces, you can use multiple fighting styles: Distance (Arc), CAC (Sword, Axe, Mace…) and Magic (out of attack or assistance).


The player will have the ability to increase his or her power thanks to the experience collected on monsters, chests or as quest rewards.
A level system appears in Across the Time 2. It will help to define the power of the player compared to the monsters’.
Your improvement will allow you to gain extra life of Dahäl. The division will be automatic, as your level increase you will be more powerful but the levels will get more difficult to obtain.
The levels are currently at a number of 20 and a precise calculation through an exponential scale will give the number of experience you have to get to move on to the next level.

Side quests

During your adventure, you must travel through a very large area, and you will also meet many NPCs.
Besides your long main quest you will have access to additional content to improve your strength. Through side quests you can discover plenty of other areas and awards.
Nevertheless, you can rest assured: monitoring book quests will help you to exactly where you need to go to your main quest and so know where you are in the other side missions, all in a single click.
You will need just to press an icon and each of the quests will be specified in a list in the chat. Then, you will be able to know what the hero must done, what he has completed and what he must be found by clicking on the name of the quest.
Screenshot below to illustrate this system.

Suivie de Quêtes secondaires

Curiosity will be rewarded, don’t be afraid to venture… many surprises await you!


In order to tease and increase your will of killing monsters, traveling to faraway places or just to spend some time fishing, the Exploits system resurfaced.
On top of side quests, you will have challenges to achieve along the adventure; you will earn XP and money as you complete them.
The list is long and objectives are varied!
In addition a new system of Exploit was realized: the Panorama. Indeed, if slay monsters has never been your passion, you can be an explorer and discover all the places and beautiful views of the area. They are sometimes simple and sometimes very difficult to find, but they always yield you a reward, and who knows if you find them all!


To spice up the side adventure even more, a reputation system steps in. This system’s aim will be to find out on what side you are, according to the rewards you got.
Indeed, through the side quests you will talk to people, conversations during which you will have several choices to make.
Those choices will have an influence on the reactions and the awards you can get. A reputation’s counter will constantly calculate: if you do good you will be rewarded in a very distinctive way than is you do absolute evil around you.

Dialog Choice (bon)


Just like in the first Across The Time an upgrading system is in place. It is called Ability.
Thanks to the combat instructors you will improve your skills such as Strength, Resistance or the Regain of Dahäl …
Obviously this won’t be free, in order to unlock abilities you will hate to spend your experience points.
The class you choose to play in will rely on the choices you make.


The difficulty is a very important point that we must change since it was way to high in the first Across the Time, especially for certain things.
We will balance it better, but the player can still choose between easy, medium and hard, without having the game changed either. This change primarily concerns the monsters striking power and also the death penalty.
Speaking of death, in order to stop the player from foolishly running into traps or in a room full of monsters, it will always be sanctioned by a death penalty. But although this penalty is adjustable according to the difficulty, a checkpoint system will always save the last position.
The price of death will be calculated by a percentage of Chronoton according to the chosen difficulty. If you play in a great difficulty you may lose experience.


As said earlier, the map will be reachable by many checkpoints heterogeneously divided on the map depending on places and their level of difficulty. If you die, your body will reappear on the last checkpoint you checked. You must not forget to validate them since most of them won’t be automatic.
Also in Across The Time 2, as the world in which you will have to travel is much bigger than in the first one, a new system is introduced. These are Waypoints.
Although horses will be available, Waypoints will be very useful to get from one point to another in an instant.
They will be available in each strategic region of the map. In order to use them you will have to find them first and unlock their ability to teleport.