In the kingdom of Silberländ you will find multitude of items of all kinds and especially some to kit you out to fight evil :

  • Weapons (swords, knives, maces, axes)
  • Armor of all materials (leather, gold, iron, diamonds) and shield.


Different classes of items will also be available: some in abundance and some other on very rare occasions :

  • Diverse (Bones, Slimeball, Spider’s Eye … very helpful since you can sell them)
  • Normal (Basic items for non Enchanted or weakly Enchanted equipment)
  • Quests (Various Items for the side quests)
  • Unique (rare and quite powerful Items available on monsters, chests or bosses)
  • Set (set of collectible items, quite rare and widely available)
  • Epic (Powerful items only available in the Epic store)
  • Legendary (Customized items extremely powerful, rare and unique, available through special or secret quest)

Some items will be customized thanks to the textures pack, for example the Epic currency : « Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos »


In addition to the enderchest, we created a system of portable-chest like bags that you can summon whenever you like (for example in a dungeon) thanks to the Dahäl.

Here’s an example with a photo montage of the extended possible of the inventory now. We anticipate 3 saddlebags by players at the moment.