Technical details


The construction of this huge map requires much time, resources and technique to build, terraform, or create redstones systems with commands blocks.
That’s why we use a few plugins and software to help us in this difficult task.
We have a private server in Minecraft 1.12 to work together on the map and using Spigot we guarantee the support of all our favorite plugins such as World Edit and VoxelSniper.

We also use MCedit and NBTedit to help us change some technical and internal aspects of the map.

For rendering pictures, we use primarily the shaders Sildurs Vibrant directly into play and we will also use the software Chunky to make larger photos of the map.
Trailers videos are created with iMovie and the music is composed with Logic Pro X on Mac.
Regarding the resource pack we use the paint.NET software for 2D textures and BDcraftCubik Pro for 3D.

For the rest our brains with our imagination takes over operations ^^.