Additions and Improvements:
– The map and its resource-pack have been updated and is now only playable with the latest version 1.19.3 of Minecraft.
– Added Exploits related to discovering checkpoints.

– The total number of Achievements has been adjusted and now amounts to 12024 points.

Bug fix:
– The effects of the “Remarkable” complete equipment set now work normally.
– Some systems that detect normal arrows can now also detect spectral arrows.
– Symbols in “Kortaek” can now be calculated.
– The “Shadow” boss dies normally in the final arenas.
– Some event dialogs have been corrected regarding the Chinese language.
– Original game music in some areas no longer plays automatically in the menu and on the map.
– It is no longer possible to engage the boss “The Hive” without entering the arena.

– The display of symbols for some areas has been corrected.
– Blocks have been added or removed in certain places to prevent the player from getting stuck wherever he goes in unauthorized places.


Bug fix:
– After the end credits of Across The Time II, players can access the rest of the game as normal again.
– The symbols of the “Elvetta” forest are now counted.
– Seller purchase options are now all visible for the Chinese version.
– The book of conscience as well as some spell books are no longer duplicated when they are refreshed for the Chinese version.
– Answers of some quests activate normally for the Chinese version.

Miscellaneous :
– Game credits have been updated.
– Blocks have been added or removed in certain places to prevent the player from getting stuck wherever he goes in unauthorized places.


Additions and Improvements:
– The map and its resource pack have been updated and are now only playable with the latest 1.19.2 version of Minecraft.
– It is now possible to choose a new language option in addition to the one already offered in “French” or “English”. Indeed, the map has been fully translated into “Chinese” and can now be played in this language.
– A final sidequest closing the hero story of Across The time 2 has been added. This quest will automatically activate after completing the main quest.
– During this new quest the player will have to face painful memories. Therefore new areas, modified music and NPCs have been added.
– A final test made of consecutive arenas to challenge the toughest players has been added. It consists of 5 tournaments to be completed in one go (with breaks and rewards between each tournament).
– Each tournament is composed of several randomly defined arenas that follow each other. The player will have to complete a total of 10 arenas to complete the 5 tournaments.
– The 1st tournament consists of 4 out of 5 arenas, each of which sends 4 different waves of simple lackeys.
– The 2nd tournament consists of 3 arenas out of 7, each sending a wave of 3 bosses and a few lackeys.
– The 3rd tournament has 2 arenas out of 3, each sending a wave of 6 bosses with more or less powerful lackeys.
– The 4th tournament has 1 arena sending a wave of 20 bosses with many powerful lackeys.
– The 5th and final tournament has 1 final arena with a final boss.
– A huge reward will be available at the end of the event with also the possibility to find the unique mythical armor set “Hermetic”.
– The “Hermetic” set is composed of the entire armour equipment, each of which has a 1/4 chance of being dropped at the end of the event (only one set can be completed in its entirety).
– The effect of the complete set gives 1 point to all abilities but the player will not be able to jump anymore and like all mythical weapons it will consume Dahäl.
– A time trial with a timer for part of the quest has been added to allow the player to measure their parkour time and also earn rewards if they beat a certain time.
– Two new battle music have been added.
– A new gameplay element has been added regarding exploration. Indeed, more than a thousand of “Adventquest” exploration symbols have been scattered all over the map. The player will be able to collect them and unlock additional “Exploits” for each completed region. Also, each symbol collected will give Chronotons.
– A new “Combo” system has been added. This will be effective for players reaching level 50, and will determine the number of consecutive kills the player makes. Indeed, the more enemies the player kills quickly, the more experience bonus he will gain.
– A new “Mythical” item has been added, it can be purchased from blacksmith “Vulk” after the end of the game for an astronomical sum.
– It is now possible to change difficulty from the consciousness book only if the player did not choose the “Nightmare” difficulty at the beginning of the game or if he is not in a boss arena.
– The full set bonus of set items is now displayed in the description.
– Added 2 new panoramas “Nojelanth desert” and “Nojelanth forest”.
– In the hero’s house of Ryliath it is possible for the hero to give himself the mythical sword “Fortuity”.
– Almost 100 new Exploits have been added.

Balancing :
– Player leveling has been balanced to take into account all experience rewards added with the many “Exploits”. Also, experience for gaining “Master” levels has been balanced.
– Panoramas can now be re-triggered whenever the player wants if they leave and return to the area where the panorama is located.
– The item repair rate at blacksmiths has been increased.
– The “Felroth”, “Miehanov”, “Vonaheim”, “Ulkoggumi”, “Naer” bosses are a little more resistant, especially for the “Apprentice” difficulty.
– The mythical weapon “Fortuity” drops more experience and does more damage depending on the player’s level.
– The mythical weapon “Kinuil” has ten times more chance of being dropped in the last bet at 2500 Chronotons.
– The boss rewards have been adjusted according to the chosen difficulty.
– The bees in the boss “Hive” no longer loot anything, however the reward at the end has been increased.
– Some food has been added to Hill Valley for the introduction.
– Some Exploits rewards have been adjusted.
– The drop rate of the legendary item “Nekr al Felèvsil” from the secondary quest “Memories from outer-time” upon the death of the boss “Rodmat” has been increased.
– Trembling no longer activate when the player is on a horse.
– The selling price of “Jorïn” has been slightly increased.
– The coloured rays indicating the rarity of an item on the ground has been adjusted. Set items now stand out from other items of the same rarity.
– The number of Exploits needed to obtain the mythical weapon “Ultima” has been increased to 7777.
– The total number of Exploits has been adjusted to 11642 points. If the player reaches the maximum number of achievement points he will unlock the “God Mode”.

Bug fix:
– A major bug in the game’s armour has been fixed. Indeed the “Toughness” was not well taken into account. From now on, the player will resist a little better to all damages if he puts armors with a higher toughness.
– When the player enters in “Billgart” dimension, he will no longer occasionally be teleported to the start of the game at “Hill Valley”.
– The secret chest indexing system now works for all hidden chests on the map.
– If the player exceeds the max level of the HUN stat, the bonus is no longer inactive.
– In the last Elytra flight test in Uranos the player is no longer blocked if he fails a first time.
– Boss “Miehanov” and “Vonaheim” can no longer be defeated by knocking them out of the arena with the mythical weapon “Sästr”.
– The NPC quest “Garret Temeral” can no longer be failed if the player has already completed it.
– Emerald’s first quest can no longer be blocked if the player opens the passage before talking to the NPC.
– Etotsira now reappears every time at home after his fight against the player.
– The “Asurok” boss no longer has a chance of dying directly when the player enters his arena.
– The “Full obsidian!” exploit can now be unlocked.
– Fixed “the destructor” exploit by adding all killable and quantified mobs.
– If the player leaves or does not respond to Ouran in the arena, the dialogue proposals can now reappear.

Miscellaneous :
– The game credits have been updated.
– Modified music from Across The Time has been added.
– Various minor bugs have been fixed.
– Some dialogues have been fixed.
– A dialogue has been added when the player picks up the “Interfacer” mythic weapon in order to help him understand how to use it.
– Blocks have been added or removed in some places to prevent the player from getting stuck.