To help you in your fight against the corruption, you may cast spells all more original and miscellaneous than the others.

So, you can cast spells through books. They will unlock according on the progress of the player. The magical gauge is called Dahäl and is evolutive.


Fireball30Summons a fireball in levitation on your position.
Inferno20Summons all around you a burst of small fireballs thus inflaming your enemies. 
Malefic Repulsion45Summons a powerful wave of wither’s explosions causing internal damages to enemies all around you. 
 Putrid Explosion45Summons an explosion of poison throwing all around you some splash potions, and thus poisoning your enemies for 20 seconds. 
 Hail Of Arrows40Cast a large amount of arrows falling all around you thus injuring enemies deeply. 
Blade Dance 50Throws a serie of flaming arrows around you for 5 seconds, thus seriously injuring and burning your enemies. 
 Corruption100Legendary magic, the origin of evil and chaos permeating every kingdoms … You put yourself in a trance state and you regain your life points. Your strength and speed are boost for 30 seconds. This powerful magic has negative side effects…
Mark Of Peace 25Summons a fire retardant protective aura on player, allowing it to resist fire damage and to extinguish the flames on the ground. 
 Esuna30Dispels immediatly all aches and adverse effects affecting your abilities (blindness, weakness, sluggishness, fatigue, poison, nausea, impaired wither …). 
Absorption35Increases max life by giving you 4 additional hearts for 50 seconds.
Elusiveness15Improves your movement speed for 20 seconds.
Regain40Regenerates a little your health for a very short time.
Full Cure75Restores all health points instantly to all players.
Tiid Klo Ui40Created an aura slowing down your enemies around you for 15 seconds.
Survival Ration30Summons an apple, bread and a bottle of experience at your feet.
Lure40Summons 4 turrets stationary which throw snowballs, and thus by luring and pushing some monsters.
Gloomy Wolf35Summons 4 wolves which fight at your side.
Golem90Summons a powerful iron golem which fight at your side.
Holy Nova70Summons a destructive nova of fire arrows above the player, causing very heavy damage to all enemies within a radius of 30.
Meteor80Summons a rain of powerful meteors over your enemies in a radius of 10 and thus inflicting heavy damages.
Ultima4/sA very powerful divine magic causing irradiation of the air around you, and attracting dozens of lightning in series on your enemies. It consumes your Dahal until exhaustion if it is not interrupted.