After 6 months since our last report, this one we are writing now is surely the penultimate before […]
The summer holidays are over and we can assure you that we have not been idle during the […]
We are almost there ! We are getting closer to a stable version of the full gameplay of […]
Only 3 months after the last article about the upgrade of the map to the last version, we […]
We finally arrive at the last straight with a huge difficulty that awaits us : the update of […]
6 months have passed since the last news on our site, and it’s time to make a review […]
The summer, the sun and holidays end for many, and despite some inconveniences, we wanted to give you […]
We soon come to the end of the first half 2017 and we officially reach 60% of the […]
In the two first puzzles of the last dungeons of the game, if you encounter a bug that makes […]
The last boss of the game Ranegot, can encounter somme bugs but the second phase Wither Boss are […]