We soon come to the end of the first half 2017 and we officially reach 60% of the […]
In the two first puzzles of the last dungeons of the game, if you encounter a bug that makes […]
The last boss of the game Ranegot, can encounter somme bugs but the second phase Wither Boss are […]
It was time to make a first point of the work on the map at the beginning of […]
The year 2016 will soon be over and we are still motivated to continue this great project that […]
Since the start of the school year, we made a little review of the progress of the work […]
When you are in the game (anywhere on the map in the normal dimension), you just have to […]
With the arrival of the holiday, the pace of work will shrink slightly but will not stop. We […]
Let’s make a new point on the progress of the map.To begin, it is now 1 years that […]
An ancient dimension that you have come in Across The Time will reappear in Time For Regrets, Angband […]