Today we would like to show you the latest textures for the resource pack. At the moment we are making good progress with the 2D textures, but we are not only working for this.

Indeed, we have finally begun to work seriously on the last dimension of the game. I don't say any more, but you'll recognize her when you have photos available ^^.

Also, we are pleased to welcome Bonkoul in the team that is not or will not be a permanent member, but who is currently helping us in construction for the secondary content of the map.

To finish, here is a picture of the new textures (special mention for Thundesrtruck and its great idea to add real stained glass ^^), also in the center an example of the indication signs (imagine by Bonkoul) that you will see on the roads of Silberländ.
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We hope the back to school went well, and for those who are going to be there soon, don't stress too much.
On our side it's routine, I just updated the photo album of Across The Time 2.
No news for you, but soon we'll give some info and we'll probably make a big news summary of work done during the holidays and some excluded for the next and end of the year ^^.

Good luck! 😴⏰😫🚌👩 🏫😴🧠💪
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Hi, we have not posted any new landscapes of Silberländ for a long time. So here is a beautiful picture of a torrent of high mountains descending through the Sequoia forest. ... See MoreSee Less

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