Hey, here's another resource Pack update, crops are complete and too many items have been changed as you can see in part in the photo's inventory bar.

Now we have finished almost all blocks that will appear in the game in 32 x32, but it still miss a few items and still a few weapons to edit.
But regarding textures, we are nearing the end, finally ^^.
I can also confirm that I composed half of the soundtrack of the game. Maybe we'll get you a new piece, but if you want, I remind you that one of my albums (with fighting songs in Across The Time 2) is already out and maybe listened and bought on bandcamp here : picco.bandcamp.com/album/across-the-dimensions
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Hello everyone! We reached 66%!
We have made good progress with some building, terraformation and also the resource-Pack as you can see in the photo.
Here is a small example of the preview, the first image as you can imagine is the Minecraft textures in vanilla.
The second is the game with our resource-Pack, and the shader Sildurs Vibrant.
It will be possible to play our map with optifine and the shader for a better immersion if you wish. But on the other hand, we warn that if you launch the game with a shader, it will require a lot of resource so a powerful machine for playing.
However, you will be able to play our map with simply our resource-Pack that will not require a war beast ^^.
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