Always important in an RPG-like game is the economy and in particular the currency, here still called « Chronoton » as in Across The Time first named.

It will be used mainly to buy many items in stores that will serve you in your adventure. Don’t overlook this point because Chronotons also be very useful to exchange XP if you don’t know what to do.
Monsters will drop some coins whose number will vary according to their difficulty, and you will have to complete missions or sell the loot from a specialist dealer to gain Chronotons.

But although Chronotons will be useful, it will not neglect another currency that reappeared in Across The Time 2 « Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos » (or in english « Scale the Sovereign Chaos »). This currency is a very rare and legendary item, you can purchase powerful epic items in a store planned for this purpose.


Now let us come the utility of Chronoton with stores. During your journey you will find several towns populated by NPCs including traders who are willing to do business with you.

Each of the towns or villages will have all kinds of shops who you can buy various items with your Chronotons :
– Blacksmith (weapons and armor)
– Grocery (various Food)
– Alchemist (Potions)
– Dahäl Master (Spells Books)
– Stable (Horses)
– Black Market (Epic Items)

You can also spend some Chronotons to the hostel from the main town to rest and recover quickly all your life.


A bank will be set up in several cities in order to help you share your Chronotons in XP and vice versa.
It will be useful in some moments, but also for another thing: to protect your money in case of death. Indeed when you die in Across The Time II you lose a percentage of Chronotons you have on you.
Deposit your money in the bank and during your adventure you will protect your gains.