Gameplay Details

The map will be reachable by many checkpoints heterogeneously divided on the map depending on places and their level of difficulty. If you die, your body will reappear on the last checkpoint you checked. You must not forget to validate them since most of them won’t be automatic.

Also in Across The Time 2, as the world in which you will have to travel is much bigger than in the first one, a new system is introduced. These are Waypoints.

Although horses will be available, Waypoints will be very useful to get from one point to another in an instant. 
They will be available in each strategic region of the map. In order to use them you will have to find them first and unlock their ability to teleport. 

The difficulty is a very important point that we must change since it was way to high in the first Across the Time, especially for certain things. 
We will balance it better, but the player can still choose between easy, medium and hard, without having the game changed either. This change primarily concerns the monsters striking power and also the death penalty.

Speaking of death, in order to stop the player from foolishly running into traps or in a room full of monsters, it will always be sanctioned by a death penalty. But although this penalty is adjustable according to the difficulty, a checkpoint system will always save the last position. 
The price of death will be calculated by a percentage of Chronoton according to the chosen difficulty. If you play in a great difficulty you may lose experience.