The player will have the ability to increase his or her power thanks to the experience collected on monsters, chests or quest rewards. 
A leveling system appears in Across the Time 2 called Rising. It will allow to define the power of the player compared to the monsters.

Each of these levels the player will win :
– Additional Hearts,
– Dahäl max,
– Skill points.

Sharing of Heart and Dahäl will be done automatically but Skill Points may be spent in different categories at the Weapon Master.

The maximum level that can be reached by the player is set to 50.
But we have not neglected the end-game because after this maximum level, additional ranks called MASTER can still be won.
So the player can continue to evolve and increase in power even after completing the main quest.

But you will have to be well equipped (patience also ^^) to slay these monsters, because the more you earn higher levels you will be powerful, but the more the next levels will be hard to get.
We have calculated the levels precisely thanks to a small formula that allows you to define an exponential scale, giving you more and more difficulty in reaching the full potential of your character.

Be aware that at the moment we have defined the power of the monsters in relation to the player’s level with a « normal » difficulty, which is to say that the monster will also have a power level that will adapt in part to the players level, the difficulty of killing a monster will be indicated by a coloured symbol above their head (2nd photo).

We are not going to give you any details, because monsters will also have a rank with a power scale depending on the region and a category that can be minions as elites.