Rules & Settings


– The map is compatible only with version 1.13.2 of Minecraft.
– Install and activate the resource pack « Across The Time II – Resource Pack » before starting to play.
– Stay in Adventure gamemode.
– Render Distance (Chunk vision) Minimum : 12
– The « OptiFine » mod is recommended for playing « Across The Time 2 »:
1. Download (in 1.13.2):
2. Go to your download folder and open the downloaded file.
3. Click on « Install ».
– Solo playable but possibility of cooperative play: 1 to 3 players advised, Maximum 5 players.



– You have to install a server. To do this, many tutorials are available on the internet like this:
– You must assign yourself the administration of the server by writing this command in the server terminal: /op [playername]
– Do not use plugins with « Spigot », « Bukkit » etc…
– Enable the command block.



It is a consistent map in systems and content, then it is advisable to activate the resource-pack before entering the game. It may take 30 to 60 seconds for the resource-pack to load.
If there is a problem when launching the map or the resource-pack, you have to allocate enough RAM to Minecraft.
– Recommanded required (1 player): 4Go.
– Recommanded required (3 players): 5Go.
– Recommanded required (5 players): 6Go.

To increase RAM:
1. Launch the « Minecraft » launcher and go to the « Configurations » tab.
2. Select the profile on which you want to increase the RAM allocated to Minecraft.
3. Click on « More options » located at the bottom right of the screen.
4. Change the text in the JVM ARGUMENTS section « -Xmx2G » to « -Xmx4G », so you will increase the allocated RAM from 2Go to 4Go.
5. Click on « Save ».
If the problem persists, check that your Java is up to date. A tutorial is available at this link: