Side Quests

During your adventure, you must travel through a very large area, and you will also meet many NPCs. 
Besides your long main quest you will have access to additional content to improve your strength. Through side quests you can discover plenty of other areas and awards.
Nevertheless, you can rest assured: monitoring book quests will help you to exactly where you need to go to your main quest and so know where you are in the other side missions, all in a single click. 
You will need just to press an icon and each of the quests will be specified in a list in the chat. Then, you will be able to know what the hero must done, what he has completed and what he must be found by clicking on the name of the quest. 
Screenshot below to illustrate this system. 

Curiosity will be rewarded, don’t be afraid to adventure… many surprises await you! 

Here the GPS system a system very effective at the level of precision and ease of use. It’s a system that works on the principle of triangulations coordinates. Here we serve only a plan in 2 Dimensions (X, Z), it’s all that matters because if the player is lost will know the azimut and find the goal he seeks. The height will no longer be a problem after. 

The choice of the objective (primary or secondary) will therefore be possible thanks to the help book quests. It will be enough so that the lost player activates the system by a simple click in this help book quest he will then choose in the chat. An arrow will appear directly above his head indicating the precise direction view of the goal. In order to evaluate the distance between the player and the objective, the arrows will have 8 different colours. The red will mean that the player is still far from the goal, then when he comes near it will turn to orange, then yellow to finish by shades of green. 

For you to illustrate the result of the GPS, here’s a GIF in just a few images representing the player lost but helped by the arrows appearing every time he asks the direction of the quest. 



In order to tease and increase your will of killing monsters, traveling to faraway places or just to spend some time fishing, the Exploits system resurfaced. 
On top of side quests, you will have challenges to achieve along the adventure; you will earn XP and money as you complete them. 
The list is long and objectives are varied! 
During your adventure in Across The Time 2 you will be accompanied by more than secondary objectives whose display is directly linked to the game in the menu.

This will allow you not only to have extra rewards but also to be able to follow your progress of the story very easily, and for those who aim to complete everything and unlock secrets they will have the availability to complete many groups of advancements (adventure, travel , history, fights, etc…) see the photo representing the display of a few advancements available on the map (there will be a lot more when the map comes out). 

In addition a new system of Exploit was realized: the Panorama. Indeed, if slay monsters has never been your passion, you can be an explorer and discover all the places and beautiful views of the area. They are sometimes simple and sometimes very difficult to find, but they always yield you a reward, and who knows if you find them all!



To spice up the side adventure even more, a reputation system steps in. This system’s aim will be to find out on what side you are, according to the rewards you got.

Indeed, through the side quests you will talk to people, conversations during which you will have several choices to make. 
Those choices will have an influence on the reactions and the awards you can get. A reputation’s counter will constantly calculate: if you do good you will be rewarded in a very distinctive way than is you do absolute evil around you.