The gameplay will be greatly diversified according the choices that the player will make in his evolution.

As in any RPG, the player will evolve by cap of level, and in Across The Time 2 the player will gain points of skills that can be spent in several attributs as you can see in the following picture :

– « STR » : The physical damage with the hand weapons and arcs.
– « RES » : The resistance to the physical damage of enemies.
– « HAS » : The strike rate of CaC weapons and not ranged weapons.
– « SPD » : The movement speed.
– « HER » : The health generation.
– « DAR » : The rate of Dahäl regeneration points.
– « LUC » : The ability to find rarer magic items.
– « HUN » : The saturation of the player’s hunger bar.

Obviously this won’t be free, in order to unlock abilities you will hate to spend your experience points.