Thanks to a system of variables and scoreboard, we can act with the effects of Minecraft independently of everything. That is, each effect of potion, magic, enemy penalty or abilities will be cumulative. 
The gameplay will be greatly diversified according to the class and the choices that the player will make in his evolution. 

As in any RPG, the player will evolve by cap of level, and in Across The Time 2 the player will gain points of skills that can be spent in several attributs as you can see in the following picture : 

  • « Strength » refers to the physical strength of the player and the damage he will do with the hand weapons and arcs. 
  • « Resistance » is the resistance to the physical damage of enemies. 
  • « Haste » is the strike rate of CaC weapons and not ranged weapons. 
  • « Speed » is the movement speed of the player. 
  • « Health Max » is the total number of hearts the player will have. 
  • « Health Regen » refers to the rate of generation of hit points as a function of time. 
  • « Dahäl Max » is the total number of Dahäl that the player can possess in order to use magic spells. 
  • « Dahäl Regen » refers to the rate of generation of Dahäl points as a function of time. 
  • « Luck » is the ability to find rarer magic items and also experience potions. 
  • « Earner » refer to the ability to mutiply the gain of Chronotons on the monsters and in the chests. 
  • « Hunger » is a statistic that can not be chosen as a skill point but will indicate the saturation of the player’s hunger bar. 

Obviously this won’t be free, in order to unlock abilities you will hate to spend your experience points. The class you choose to play in will rely on the choices you make.