BETA Change log

BETA – v1.1.0

Additions and Improvements:
– The NPC « Amariel Kaleb » now displays the price it costs to rent a room.
– Some advancements including one hidden have been added: complete the main quest without dying once (it does not report any exploit point but earns 1,000,000 XP).
– Addition of a page in the book « Conscience » allowing to know the location of merchants and waypoints.
– NPC « Chryses Aleria » makes an appearance in « Eolorion » as Dahäl’s clothes seller (legendary clothes sold by NPC « Elziel Salvidam » are transferred to « Chryses Aleria »).
– The NPC « Jade Rozaell » appears in « Eolorion » as a special seller in the black market (some items sold by the NPC « Sirna Kho » are transferred to « Jade Rozaell).
– A torch is given along with the Fortuity sword (so players using Optifine can light up with it).

– Game performance has been improved. Some places gain up to 3 TPS (tick per second) and the amount of RAM needed drops by 400MB.
– The resource pack has been lightened a bit and each background music will load only once in the game depending on the location of the player.
– Charles’s bets have been balanced in order to be less profitable than they were before (they now bring in a little less Chronotons).
– NPCs who buy back items from the player will no longer be interested in food and arrows.
– Training dummies in « Ryliath » no longer drop xp orb with the « Furtuity » sword.
– The « Trap » spell has been buffed a bit. He can now stop enemies when exploding, and his cooldown and Dahäl consumption have been reduced a bit.

Bug fix:
– Ladders in the « Jarat » camp are no longer deleted if the player clicks with something else in their hand.
– The total number of spells cast is now counted to reach certain advancements.
– Advances are now resets and only started after the introduction from the moment the player takes his or her first steps in the past at « Silberländ »
– Dahäl’s launcher can no longer be duplicated.
– The NPC « Malak » no longer tells the player to go see the village chief when the quest is complete.
– It is no longer possible to reach the interior of the temple via the river in the « Jarat » camp.
– The end cinematic had a chance not to launch. This has been corrected.
– TNT minecart can no longer be pushed directly by the player.
– If the main player leaves the game in « Hill Valley » the cinematic is interrupted in order to secure the loss of important items for the main quest.
– The player is now obliged to do the main quest steps in order until the camp « Jarat » in order to enter.
– The coals sold by « Patrick Corth » can now also be used as fuel for the quest elevator in the « Worlëst » mine.
– Zombies can no longer transform into « Drowned » if they spend too long in water.
– The effects of the legendary Dahäl armor set are working again.
– The « Tiid Klo Ui » and « Nova » spells work again.
– In multiplayer, when a player activates a lock and they have multiple keys, only one key is now consumed.
– The latest temple of Owsästr cinematic has been lengthened to prevent players from being teleported in front of the gem without having had time to open the reward chests.
– If the player pays Syri Lorth 500 Chronotons, she will now be on the boat ready to go.
– The NPC « Elsa Rasmon » can now sell food.

– Some triggers for the main quest have been changed so that they are sure to trigger when the player passes.
– Blocks have been added and removed to limit player progress in certain areas where they are not supposed to go.
– Some dialogs have been corrected.
– Some advancements have been fixed.


BETA – v1.0.0

Additions and Improvements:
– Functionality of « Fairy », offering the opportunity for players to gain experience if they have the chance to catch it.
– 5 new side quests given by the NPCs: « Aldelrion », « Namrïn » and « Trias ».
– Two new mythical weapons « Rukyrion » and « Lost Past » are now available as a reward for these quests.
– The mythical sword « Ultima » is now given when the player has completed all advancements (100% of exploits obtained) of the game.
– A new area and new cult boss hidden in the city « Angor ».
– A new area and a boss arena in « Ouranos ».
– New advancements have been added as well as a new category « Dahäl ».
– A 6th bet at 2500 Chronotons is now possible at « Charles ».
– New spell « Tiid Klo Ul » available from the NPC « Yaakov Rav » in « Ryliath ».
– New spell « Swarm of Arrows » available from the NPC « Stella » in « Eolorion ».
– « Umbra’Tyanth » is back, it is possible to face him after his mysterious appearance in exchange for some « Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos ».
– It is now possible to see the player’s « Master » level in the « Consciousness » book.
– Boss « Ouran » during his second phase summons arrows in the center of the arena, which will prevent the player from running out of ammo.

– The number of experiences needed to gain an additional « Master » level has been increased.
– Attack of monsters has been decreased a bit overall. The change is approximately 1/4 to 1/3 less attack for higher classes at max level (50+).
– The strength of epic and legendary rarity armor has been increased a bit (legendaries will always appear new, including diamond armor).
– Gold armor strength reload rate has been increased (now the higher the rarity the armor is, the more this rate increases).
– The toughness of some epic and legendary rarity weapons, shields and bows have been balanced.
– The number of uses required to evolve « Dahäl » spells has been adjusted a bit.
– The resistance of « Slimes » and « Magmas » has been increased.
– Some mob spawners in « Angor » and « Ouranos » have been removed.
– Some adjustments have been made to « Charles » bets (there is less chance of getting « Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos », but more chance of getting items and « Chronotons »).
– The minions of the « Shadow » boss are now less powerful.
– Some advancements were impossible to complete, so they have been corrected.

Bug fix:
– It is no longer possible to use the « Fire Seals » and « Lava Seal » again during the cinematic in front of the door of the « Angor Palace ».
– The propulsion in the air thanks to the spell « Fireball » has been greatly limited.
– The texture bug making the borders of mythical weapons invisible has been fixed.
– The boss « François » no longer engages when the player passes through the underwater cave.
– In the quest « Find Mia », if the player chooses to kill the dogs in the cellar, he now has the possibility to do so and thus be able to leave.
– In the north tower of « Billgart » dungeon, in the small arena where the player must kill two Golems, if the player dies, the trial will now reset correctly.
– Some unnecessary statistics in the book « Consciousness » have been removed.
– The page 10 of the statistics of the book « Conscience » has been updated with the addition of description as well as the correction of the statistic of the damage emitted, received and blocked.

– Blocks have been added to limit player progress in certain areas where they are not supposed to go.
– Some dialogs have been corrected.
– Game credits have been updated.