• Picco a écrit un nouvel article, ALPHA is here! il y a 2 mois et 2 semaines

    The preparations for the ALPHA version are finally completed, and it is from this weekend that the ALPHA will begin!
    We will have had 2 months of delays, but we have finally arrived at a stable and complete […]

  • After 6 months since our last report, this one we are writing now is surely the penultimate before a release from the Alpha.
    To take stock of the year 2019 we do not hide from you that this year was tough […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, A decisive test ! il y a 1 an

    The summer holidays are over and we can assure you that we have not been idle during the summer. Indeed, we have finalized a lot of things, and as you can see the progress of the map has been updated.First, all […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, Time for sacrifices! il y a 1 an et 6 mois

    Time for sacrifices!

    We are almost there ! We are getting closer to a stable version of the full gameplay of Across The Time 2. But to achieve this, we had to make some sacrifices. We will talk about it in […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, The Final Stretch! il y a 1 an et 10 mois

    Only 3 months after the last article about the upgrade of the map to the last version, we want now by this news officially confirm that we have finally made the conversion of the whole map in 1.13.2.
    Not all […]

  • Indeed, it seems that there is a bug for the validation of the puzzle, but anyway you can teleport to the other side of the door without problem to move on to the next puzzle.

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, The Ultimate Update! il y a 2 ans et 1 mois

    We finally arrive at the last straight with a huge difficulty that awaits us : the update of the map in 1.13 version.
    Mojang decided with a little delay, to officially release their biggest update on July 18, […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, One last Dungeon! il y a 2 ans et 6 mois


    6 months have passed since the last news on our site, and it’s time to make a review this beginning of the year 2018 because we have a lot of things to say.
    To begin with, we were able to complete the […]

  • Ah mince, aussi je vous conseil de jouer plutôt en 1.8.4, c’est la version la plus stable pour la map.

  • Le profil de Picco a été mis à jour il y a 2 ans et 6 mois

  • Essayez ces commandes pour reset le système :
    /setblock 28 69 48 air
    /setblock 28 69 48 redstone_block
    /setblock -30 49 63 air
    /setblock -30 49 63 redstone_block

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, Another big update! il y a 2 ans et 12 mois

    The summer, the sun and holidays end for many, and despite some inconveniences, we wanted to give you a progress report of Across The Time 2 in the last 4 months. The record of the work done is positive but it […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, Across The Dimensions il y a 3 ans et 4 mois

    We soon come to the end of the first half 2017 and we officially reach 60% of the total development the map.
    Let’s start with music for once! We celebrated the 4th anniversary of Across The Time and the 2 years […]

  • The last boss of the game Ranegot, can encounter somme bugs but the second phase Wither Boss are not really a bug. The Wither Boss have a lot of health, but when you hit you’ll never see the lifebar (in purple at […]

  • In the two first puzzles of the last dungeons of the game, if you encounter a bug that makes disappearing the stone buttons in the room, write these commands to respawn all stone buttons :

    for the f […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, Work in progress! il y a 3 ans et 6 mois

    It was time to make a first point of the work on the map at the beginning of year 2017. This winter we have made significant progress in advancing construction and terraforming.

    Indeed, we will start this […]

  • The year 2016 will soon be over and we are still motivated to continue this great project that is Across The Time 2!
    We will write a long article to take stock of this year and talk about the latest work done on […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, <50%> il y a 4 ans

    Since the start of the school year, we made a little review of the progress of the work done on the map, and we can tell you that the map is about 50 per cent complete. To give some informations on the meter total […]

  • When you are in the game (anywhere on the map in the normal dimension), you just have to copy and paste or write this command in the chat :

    /setblock 16 74 48 command_block 0 replace {Command:/kill […]

  • Picco a écrit un nouvel article, A titanic work il y a 4 ans et 2 mois

    With the arrival of the holiday, the pace of work will shrink slightly but will not stop. We are now 45% of the completion of the map as you can see here !
    We will detail a little what has been done these last […]

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