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Team AdventQuest

We are happy to share with you the latest trailer for the sequel to #Minecraft's greatest RPG adventure ever: "#AcrossTheTime"!

This new adventure "Across The Time 2 - Time For Regrets" is much more vast, worked and immersive than the previous one :
- Explore the new Sylberländ region with your friends,
- Discover the origin of your illness,
- Travel through dimensions,
- Increase in power and level thanks to your skills,
- Battle thousands of monsters,
- Enter huge dungeons to defeat their boss,
- Solve puzzles and enigma,
- Find thousands of treasures and equip yourself with the best weapons and armor,
- Master the many spells of Dahäl,
- Trade with dozens of merchants in the different towns of the region,
- Become rich and respected by completing the many quests available to you.

The game will officially release in December 2020 and is still in BETA version. And on the occasion of the release of this last trailer, we created our first crowdfunding to help us finance the project which will continue to be updated.

In addition this huge project took us 5 years of sacrifices with almost no funding, which is why we ask you to help us. Thanks!
To support us: fr.tipeee.com/adventquest

For more details on the content of the map:

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