General :

  • How to install a Minecraft map?

– Download the map.

– Go to the folder where all your downloads are located (usually in the download folder), and unzip the zip file of the map you just downloaded.

– Then access your file .minecraft :
PC : C: -> Users -> admin -> AppData -> Roaming -> and open the « .minecraft » folder. If you don’t find, search by writing this : %appdata%.
MAC: The .minecraft folder is in : User -> Library -> Application Support.

– Put the file of the map that you unzipped in the folder : .minecraft/saves.

  • How to install a Resource pack?

To install a resourcepack on Minecraft, handling is the same as for installing a map, except that the directory in which you extract the resourcepack is located in the folder : .minecraft/resourcepacks.

Once installed in the folder, you can run Minecraft. Then to use it, go to « Options » -> « resoursepack » and drag the icon of resourcepack found in the left column to place it in the right column. 

  • Where can I download your adventures maps?

You can download maps through the site menu Adventquest in « DOWNLOAD » . Once on the page, click on the banner of the map and the version you want to download.

  • Can we play multiplayer on your map?

Yes you can play multiplayer on our maps, but be aware that depending on the number of players, this will change the difficulty. So, avoid being more than 5 on the same map because this will greatly spoil your adventure.


  • I would like to put your map on a server to play multiplayer. What are the conditions that the map works normally?

To play on our maps in multiplayer with a server, you will need to activate imperatively the commands blocks. For that, you have to enable the setting in the server properties : « enable-command-block=true« .
Think also to enable the spawn monsters : « spawn-monsters=true« .
And set the gamemode parameter in Adventure : « gamemode=2 »

  • Can I use mods to play your adventure map?

It is pretty inadvisable to use mods changing the gameplay on our maps adventures, since they were created for the Vanilla Minecraft. Nevertheless, certain modes as Optifine can be very useful and does not cause any problems.

  • I like your work, I would love to support you. Where can I make a donation to the Team?

If you like our work, you can support us by making a donation through Paypal directly simply by clicking on the « Make a Donation » button on the page « Support Us ». Also, you can support us by purchasing the Orginal soundtrack of Across The Time here.

  • I love creating videos while I am playing and I would love to do a series on one of your adventure map to post them on youtube. Do I need permission from you?

Not at all. You can make videos of our maps without any problem. Nevertheless think to share the link of the map you make by specifying the authors, this is the minimum to respect our work.


  • I’d like to be part of your team to help you in developing maps adventures. Do you always recruit new members, and if so where do I apply?

For the moment we do not recruit new members.

Across The Time :

  • What version of Minecraft should I use to play Across The Time?

You should use at least version 1.8 of Minecraft to play Across The Time.

  • I do not find the link to download the resource pack for Across The Time.

The resource pack can be downloaded alone, it is in the same file as the map Across The Time. Once the zip file of the map unzipped, you will find a resourcepack folder to copy/paste in your « .minecraft » -> « resourcepacks« .

  • I play on a server with a friend and we can’t talk to the first NPC in the tutorial. I have an error message in the chat, how to remedy this problem?

If you can not talk to an NPC on the map, it’s because you have surely forgot to enable the commands blocks. For this, change the properties of your server by activating the command blocks : « enable-command-block=true« .

  • I’m stuck and I have surely seen a bug. What should I do to fix this and continue the map?

If you encounter any bug you can consult the section Tips/Help of Across The Time to see if the bug has not already been identified and fixed.

If the bug you encountered is not listed, you can use the minecraft commands directly by writing in the chat. For example if you’re stuck or lost, you can use the command « /kill » to kill you and go back to the last checkpoint.

Also the commands « /tp x y z » or « /setblock x y z [blockname] » will allow you to unlock certain areas.

  • I can not change gamemode, it is written that I cheat and I lose my chronoton. Is this normal?

Yes it’s normal, the map Across The Time has an anti-cheat system created by ourselves to limit the people to cheat too easily (an understandable reflex, but all too common in Minecraft). Therefore you can not change your gamemode in Creative, Adventure, Survival during your adventure.

  • I have lost all my Dahal, my Upgrades and my chronoton for no reason! How can I recover all of this?

This is a bug that can sometimes happen. If this bug happens you must consult our page Tips/Help, you will see that we have noted and we give you all the steps necessary to remedy this bug.

  • Why I can no longer see my additional hearts?

It’s just a Minecraft bug. When you enter the Nether or The end, the extra hearts disappear but are still active. To resolve this, simply quit and relaunch the map. If the bug persist, you must write some specific commands to restart the system. Follow the indications in this article.

  • My minecraft sometimes lags in certain parts of the map causing a lot of problems and FPS drops. How can I reduce freeze and lag?

The freezes in Across The Time may be common in some areas, such as in the village of Ëarndhel, the city Hill-Valley, Ouranos or the last dungeon. This is due to an abundance of Redstone systems concentrated in a relatively small place and also to light bugs related to Minecraft.

There are different ways to reduce freezes and increase FPS. First you must check your Minecraft video setting, for example the « render distance » for changing the loading distance of your chunks.

More you will decrease this setting, the less you will see far, but you will gain more FPS. However for Across The Time, avoid dropping below 6 chunks as it may cause bugs in Redstone systems.

If that is not enough you can always try to install the Optifine mod that lets you change much more graphics parameters.

Dungeon Doomaster :

  • Which version of Minecraft should I use to play Dungeon Doomaster?

To play Dungeon Doomaster you must have the minimum 1.5 version and 1.7.10 maximum. From version 1.8, in adventure mode the player can no longer put a block or head, you can get stuck in some area of the map.

  • Is there a particular resource pack to play Dungeon Doomaster?

No, you can use the resource pack as you like. However we have some preferences with which the map was designed as the resources pack « Darkland » or « Conquest« .

  • When I die I appear outside the maze in a strange area. How to return inside the maze?

This bug can occur sometimes, if it happens to you, simply use the teleport command and write : « /tp 614 44 -347« . You’ll be teleported into the main room where the store and checkpoints located.