It was time for me to get to serious business, death shall not be an obstacle now, I had to find enough energy to completely resuscitate a freshly dead being. Indeed, I noticed that the more time that passed after the death of an individual, the more the etheric energy diminished. Therefore, my ultimate tests were done on a vigorous corpse that had died very recently.

This time, I could contain enough light on my mercury substance. And so, I was starting to direct the lights on the tank containing it. The room cooled very fast and the corpse started to not only wail, but to truly move. It began to speak almost consciously, he was living the last few hours of his life up to the point where he gained consciousness and stood up. Henceforth, it was I that was as frozen as a lifeless body, stunned by what I was observing…

The subject opened his eyes and looked at me for a moment, he was scared and seemed lost. His skin was almost blue. He did not react to my facial expressions. He was certainly shocked. I finally asked him questions to quench my curiosity about what he could have experienced after death, but the only thing the subject remembered was the last moments of his life. He could not describe his feelings on what there was after his physical death, he even became aggressive and violent after I asked these questions.

Unfortunately, I barely had the time to explain to him his situation before he began to shake and took whatever he could find to end his misery. Finally, after this sudden and furious madness, he felt stiff on the floor, dead. It was clear that I yet again lacked enough energy to maintain him alive for longer, but it was not important, it was my first real revert…

At this moment, I learned with certainty that I could direct the etheric energy from a mind to a lifeless body to create an, almost, living being. It is strange to notice that bringing them back to life seems to provoke some sort of deep depression, or even some violent madness preceding their suicide.

After this utterly successful experiment and to confirm this result, I repeated it with always more luminescent sources on freshly deceased subjects such as the previous.

It was also very interesting to note that the subjects conserved in general a state of shock for multiple weeks If they survived up to there. Similarity to the first subject passing the state of resurrection, they all developed a psychological instability pushing them to withdraw and to have suicidal tendencies.

Now, stabilizing the psyche of the subjects was the biggest obstacle. My research had to focus on this precise element and if I were not to survive this corporal envelope of mine, the future generations shall follow the path that I traced.