As the first war between the mortals and the Eternäns began, I strived to ignore this conflict and to pursue my own research to a rhythm which was well above anything I could have imagined, a cycle before.

My experience and my knowledge allowed me to obtain help from highly placed individuals in the mortal forces. Some corpses were brought to my operation tables and I could begin my experiments.

The corpses came one after another and the fervor which was mine began to gradually fade with the following experiments. I had, right beside me, beings in total capacity of completing my research, but I had to content myself with testing endlessly. The alchimancy also revealed itself to be too slow for my growing expectations.

I once again put pressure on my connections to get more from the errors. Reiteratively, I was granted. I obtained from them a strange substance: a rather solid material of which the volume fits in the palm of a hand. Of a very dark tint, it is truly hard to define the exact color it reaches.

Though the substance did not have the powers I aspired to find in it, I quickly realized its potential by combining it with alchimancy. From this discovery was born my true work.

My first great accomplishment was a solution I would create with plants which grow in hot climates and with high-temperature crystallized salt. The principal effect of this substance was the fluctuation of its colorimetry which reacted to the event of someone’s death while in contact with their skin. Something had to interact with the solution, and we are forced to notice that it only reacted when death occurred in every experiment without any exception. I conclude that my assumption of life energy was correct.

This finding was primordial for my research, I could finally prove that there was an energy which is specific to the mind of a living being since it was directly linked to my alchimantic substance. I suppose that this energy is the Ether I imagined before.

Did I prove that the spirit would survive the physical death? I am not sure yet, but the primordial question at the time for me was to know if I could do the inverted experiment, which means to concentrate this “etheric” energy to make the spirit of a being whose physical body became lifeless a few minutes come back.

This is when the thrill submerged me: what would happen if I succeeded in controlling this etheric energy? Would I become as powerful as the errors?