Some attractions are simply decorative while others can be looped sometimes infinitely and most of the time completely.

– Fantome Train (Small Attraction)
– Small Train (Small Attraction)
– HighWay to Hell (Great Attraction)
– Straiway to Heaven
– Geant Rafting (Great Attraction)
– Picco Temple (Great Attraction)
– Archery Complex (Great Attraction)
– PI Labyrinth (Great Attraction / Parkour)
– Jumping Jack Flash (Great Attraction / Parkour)
– Casino (Decoration + mini-game)
– Race to the death (PvP race)
– Ice rink (Race)
– Ice Arena (Arene PvP)
– Ice fighting arena (PvP Arena)
– PvE Arena
– Zoo (Decoration)
– Ferris Wheel (Decoration)
– Roof of Paradise (Decoration)
– Triple Cannon Lightning (Dangerous Attraction Disabled)

+ Various structures such as station stations, Pixel Art, Stores, Houses etc …