Basic Gameplay

Across The Time is a map, entirely built for vanilla minecraft (no need of mod).
The Map is inspired by RPG Adventure like Zelda or Secret Of Mana with loot systems like Diablo or Borderlands.

You need to accomplish quests, fighting a lot of monsters and boss in a lot of dungeons more and more big!
The game is focused on PvE (PvP isn’t available) and also provided with events like puzzle, platforms, enigma, etc…
A unique development system supports players trough the experience gained and a well developed economy allows players to buy, to sell, to exchange in different shop
You can do this adventure alone or with friends, but it’s advisable to be no more than 3 players on the map.

La map is semi-open world : large zones and regions were created to allow players freedom  but will be partly driven by the main quest.
Of course, a dozen of secondary quests is waiting to extend the life of the game
Finally, you need between 20 and 30 hours of play to defeat the map.

Mode, difficulty and death

At the beginning of the adventure, during tutorial, you will have the possibility to choose between two game-mode :
– Softcore-mode : You lost only 1 level per death, heart regeneration by food is activated, the effects when you are badly wounded, are reasonable.

– Nightmare-mode : You lost 2 level and 10 Chronoton per death, heart regeneration by food is deactivated, after badly wounded the effects are very restrictive (slowdown, bleeding etc…)

With these two modes will be added an opportunity to play easy, normal and hard. Be careful if you play in multiplayer, an automatic system is activated and the difficulty changes depending on the number of players on the map :
– 1 player : easy,
– 2 players : normal,
– 3 players : hard.

Do not worry about death, many Checkpoints are placed throughout the adventure. You can enable them by clicking a button that is recognizable by yellow sponge blocks.

Keys and locks

During this journey you will find many locked doors and mechanisms. To unlock the doors, a key system was created for the map.
Simply put a key (renamed and of varying shape) in a container that will be located in front of each mechanism.
Of course there will be more or less difficult to obtain these keys.

Hunger and potions

As you guessed, the food is present in the game. You will need to intelligently manage this resource because you can not cultivate.
Obviously you will find some food on monsters, many chests and you can also buy in a specialty store.

Concerning the potions, a system of limitation and recycling of empty potions has been created!
There is therefore limited you the number of potions in the game, but it is possible to recycle the empty bottles to buy more potions in the shop provided for this purpose.

Adventure Mode & anti-cheat

You will understand, the game is in adventure mode, you can’t break blocks, tape command, etc.
A security system is in charge of stop « briefing » and block the creative game mode. You can try but it’s at your own risk.


Like we said, it’s a PVE game, many battles await you with course difficulty increasingly enhanced.
Each dungeon have his boss and small-boss with hundreds of minions! The free areas are provided all kinds of monsters that you try to block the road.
In some free zones, monsters regularly spawn, you can increase your power to fight against this monsters.
Each monster has his own special capacity (different speed, increased life, increased strength etc…) and is obviously equipped with a wide variety of armour and weapons.
You can fight with sword, bow with more and more powerful enchantment, but also with spell.

You gain one bonus heart after each death of a boss.