ALPHA – v1.3.0

Additions and Improvements:
– A new side quest is given by the NPC “Edwin Vortid” to “Méleïm”.
– After reaching a certain level and main quest, Dahäl’s spells evolve faster with each use.
– After unlocking the first 3 levels, the “Storage” spell can be upgraded to level 5 by purchasing an upgrade from NPC “Sirna Kho” for “Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos” or from NPC “Stella” for “Chronotons”.
– The player can now read the description of spells on sale.
– In “Ryliath” there is now a small arena available where the player can summon mannequins to test their power.
– When the player activates the assistance for side quests, he can now see the number of monsters remaining to be killed out of the total.
– Advancements now have an associated number of points called “Exploit”. This number, displayed in the book of consciousness, accumulates according to the advancements accomplished.
– New advancements have been added.
– New textures of shulker_box have been added and even more of these very hidden chests have been placed on the map.

– The XP rewards of the objectives of the main quest increase.
– The XP rewards for advancements have been increased a bit.
– Some advancements were impossible to complete, so they have been changed or even deleted.

Bug fix:
– The player can no longer die at the end of the prologue when teleported to the timeless zone.
– The NPC “Emerald” appears normally at each quest step.
– Bosses respawn normally when the player wants to try their chance again.
– The “Vonaheim” boss resets when the player completely exits the arena.
– The “Slime” killed count works during the quest with “Walton John”.
– The statistics of playing time is now correct and displays the hours.
– The cinematic in front of NPC “Brynhild” will cut off normally and will no longer restart when completed.

– Some corrections of dialogues and detections have been made.


ALPHA – v1.2.0

Additions and Improvements:
– Six new side quests given by the NPCs: “Violette”, “Walton Jones”, “Babbu”, “Jack Arrow”.
– Two new mythical weapons “Lone Shadow” and “Blutfresser” are emerging as a reward for these quests.
– New areas of catacombs in the Eol Valley, Scheströwn dungeon and ruins of the secret island.
– Two new bosses appear in these areas.
– Lore books in French have been added and are all also available in English.
– A new “whistle” feature from the “Consciousness” book, now allows players to prevent the horse from moving or not.

– The monster spawn has been changed in some side quest areas.

Bug fix:
– The “Dermist” entity now appears correctly in “Angor” during the side quest given by the NPC “Daril Gram”.

– Numerous corrections to the dialogues and texts have been made.


ALPHA – v1.1.1

Additions and Improvements:
– “Illusions” and “Myrath” bosses now respawn after killing them the first time.

– The difficulty between the three game modes (Apprentice, Veteran, Master) is a little more pronounced, especially at the level of the bosses.
– Items sold by “Sirna Kho” with “Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos” have been balanced a bit and their prices have been reduced a bit.

Bug fix:
– Entities are now invulnerable during the incantation when summoned with a Dahäl spell.
– Pets can now fly farther away from the player in order to hamper him less.
– “Korlaph” boss no longer restart when the player is in certain positions in the arena.
– The “Ithax” boss restarts normally if the player dies and returns to the arena.
– Obtaining a legendary set item can now unlock the “Legendary” advancement.

– Blocks have been added to limit player progress in certain areas where they are not supposed to go.


ALPHA – v1.1.0

Additions and Improvements:
– The dependence between the number of players and the speed of appearance of monsters. The more players there are, the bigger the spawn.
– The dependence between the number of players and the XP gained. Less XP rewards per monster killed when there are a lot of players.
– The gem collection system has been improved with dialogues.
– The visual effect of the gps is more obvious (the arrow now appears in front of the player).
– NPC “Viserys Yigdal”, now sells cooked meat.
– NPC “Elisa Meli” now sells 2 apples for 6 “Chronotons”.
– NPC “Negan Greyson” now displays the player skill reset price.
– Addition of indications in the temple of “Asunark” concerning turquoise stones.

– The natural appearance of monsters has been reduced in the first areas of the game.
– Some white rarity weapons have been buffed (reduction / removal of their penalty).
– The xp reward for most side quests increases.
– Some monsters have their movement speed reduced (like spiders and some skeletons).
– The resistance of the boss “Geström” as well as the life of the boss “Golem” are a little reduced.
– The life and attack of boss “Owlkärr’s” lackeys has been reduced a bit.

Bug fix:
– The effect of the player’s death in the Boss “Vonaheim” and “Miehanov” arena no longer starts in a loop.
– When the player dies in the “Vonaheim” boss area, the boss music automatically stops.
– At the exit of boss “Vonaheim”, the teleportation works and no longer makes the boss respawn.
– In the “Exiles camp”, the NPCs no longer disappear when entering the Angband dimension.
– In the “Aozathreyon” boss room, after activating the 4 crystals mechanisms, the boss is no longer invulnerable.
– When the player dies in front of the boss “Ulkogummi”, the “Silverfish” lackeys are killed.
– When the player is in front of boss “Lilith” and dies. He now appears outside the area.
– When the player arrives in front of the main gate of “Angor Palace” with the two seals on him, the seals are now activated one after the other.
– Teleportation by waypoint with a player being mounted on horseback automatically unseats him from the horse and is then teleported normally to the chosen location.
– Fixed waypoint when Ryliath’s space portal is activated. If the player passed the portal too quickly, the following cutscenes were no longer launched.
– NPC “Sirna Kho” can now speak to players and sell items of “Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos”.
– NPC “Ramsay Tork” finally sell his items.
– Correction of certain dialogues.

– Change of modes “EASY”, “NORMAL” and “HARD” renamed: “Apprentice”, “Veteran” and “Master”.
– Blocks have been added and some systems corrected in various parts of the game, in order to limit the progress of the player in areas where he is not supposed to go.