It all started 1,200 years ago, when the immortal wise king Ranwë, launched a major crusade against the forces of evil, with as its leader: Namégot.

Namégot, the enemy of the seven kingdoms had once controlled more than half of our world, as well as having a stranglehold over Andbang (later renamed Nether) and Desolation (called End by the great kings of Tellurön).

Ranwë pushed Namégot’s forces to the boundaries of different worlds. His hunt stopped in Andbang where he could finally wipe out Namégot, who was entrenched in his impregnable fortress. Once the war was over, Ranwë acquired the treasures his enemies accumulated, and among all the treasures he found in Andbang’s fortress, there was one which exceeded the value of the entire world: The power source of evil. It was there, like a fountain from which flowed a dark, viscous substance. A powerful supernatural strength emanated from it…

Ranwë, with the aim of protecting the kingdoms, absorbed a lot of it. He gained magical powers far exceeding those of the greatest masters the seven kingdoms have ever had.

He was then renamed “Ranwë Hanate” Almighty King in Angband and Tellurön.

Strengthened in his victory over evil, he returned to Tellurön. But shortly after, the power he had acquired began to take over him. Ranwë became addicted and the power he had earned finally corrupted him. 200 years later, our king rose against the free people of foreign kingdoms to extend its sovereignty all over the worlds. And he inflicted a ruthless reign over the lands he ruled.

Due to the adverse effect that the source of magic had on Ranwë, people renamed it as <source of corruption> and Ranwë became <Ranégot the Sorcerer King>.

A new war broke out in the seven worlds. One after the other, the kingdoms fell under Ranégot’s domination and hordes of monsters reemerged from Namégot’s time. But, not finding a strong opponent to face him, the kings of the free lands gathered their power to create a secret weapon capable of stopping him. This weapon brought together all kinds of magic, which can be found in the worlds. It gave him a disproportionate power. Ranégot was defeated. He lost his powers and was locked in a flawless prison, sealed by the greatest spell ever conceived.

The sacred weapon became useless, and was divided into nine gems, each of them containing a type of magic, so that no individual could monopolize its power. Then, they were hidden in various sanctuaries and kingdoms.

However, Ranégot’s power was underestimated and, 950 years later, he managed to escape. Great kings then condemned the entry of Andband to prevent Ranégot from recovering his power. But the only source of infinite magic happened to be the Corruption itself; this division between the two worlds had resulted in an almost total disappearance of the magical forces on the other realms and particularly Tellurön. Since that day, magic slowly died and only its remains could be found.

Ranégot and all the kingdoms then lost their greatness and power.

Tellurön’s prophecy foresees that one day in the distant future, a new source of magic will appear in Tellurön and restore the magical forces of yesteryear.

Ranégot who still lurks, waits for the right moment to seize this new source. But the great kings and their heirs will keep guard to find and protect it from Ranégot and his servants.