Across The Time is a big project of map RPG/PVE adventure, created by Piccomaster and Thundesrtruck.

Across The Time

Summary :

– Solo or Coop PVE/RPG game (Max 3 players)
– Between 20h & 30h of plays
– 8 clearly distinct classes (ex : druid, ninja, tank, sorcerer, alchemist…)
– 20 magic spell (available trough books) consume Dahäl
– Main Quest with many Donjons containing Elites Mobs and unique Boss – Thousands of Monsters to fight
– 12 secondary Quest
– More than 70 Heroic deeds.
– A lot of normal, magical and legendary items & set to collect.
– A dozen of sacred article to buy
– 2 gamemode : Softcore & Nightmare with 3 difficulty level (easy, normal, hard)
– Many events of all kinds (Jump, Puzzle, Enigma)
– Several NPC Town & Village
– Varied and original Landscape, Biomes
– a Fantastic script & a highly developed Lore writing by Thundesrtruck
– All Musics writing by Piccomaster and placed in the resourcepack
– Monster & Boss Farming available thanks to mobspawners
– Hundreds of hidden chests and many loots to find
– Basic Currency (Chronotons) and legendary currency « Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos »
– Potion, food, weapon, armor and sacred shops
– Upgrade effect (aptitude) to unblock (Strengh, Haste, Resistance, Regeneration) with de l’XP
– Recycling available in exchange for Chronotons (BlackMarket)
– A bank to convert XP to Chronotons, Chronotons to XP, and exchange Chronotons between players.

{DOWNLOAD in Minecraft Vanilla 1.8.4}

v2.0 – FR

v2.0 – ENG

v2.0 – CH

Story and Presentation

An incident occurred in a small town, you’re working as a delivery boy : a portal letting out monsters from an another age is opened, leading the world in the Apocalypse. All hope is dying, there is no one other you, the last representative of the human race. You are rescued by a magical force that takes you back in a distant past. In this world, the Dahäl exists… You will learn that the cause of your misfortunes is none other than Ranegot, a corrupt immortal, enemy of seven kingdoms ; and there is only one way to overcome him: to gather 9 powerful gems scattered in 4 of the seven kingdoms.

A journey full of obstacles, puzzles, epic fights against in gargantuan amounts of monsters or against smarter and increasingly powerful bosses are waiting ! To help you in your quest, you teach to control the Dahäl through spell books (original and unique with Minecraft vanilla !). You can personnalise your equipment with many different weapons and armors. You can find them with farming or you can buy them in different shops in exchange of local currency: Chronoton! Furthermore, your experience will increase your abilities through an original system of evolution.

Good luck, you’re the only one that can do the difference !