An Ice Theme Park

Special Project/

Adventquest presents you the point of origin of an incredible adventure through Minecraft with our first project on the game “Minecraft”.
These are the first creations of Thundesrtruck and Piccomaster.

On an idea by Thundesrtruck and also initiated with Kuro_arashi then followed by Piccomaster, it was conceived between 2010 and 2012 on a French semi-RP server that does not exist anymore: “Heavencraft”.
We are proud enough to share this park because it was built entirely in survival in early versions of Minecraft without any building software.
This park marks the beginning of the meeting between Piccomaster and Thundesrtruck which gave birth, as you know, to Team Adventquest.
Without this first step on a Minecraft server with this project, never the map Across The Time would be released.

This is not an adventure map but just an old build project, so d’ont expect super-structures and beautiful constructions, these are our first creations in the game in survival and not in creative. It took about 2 years to get this result, especially since older versions of Minecraft did not have as many building blocks.
This will allow you to see the evolution between our very first map and Across The Time 2 ^^.

We were a little ashamed of some constructions but after all, as we arrive at the end of 2017 and that Christmas is near it was the opportunity to share you this map very “nostalgic” to our community.
We hope you will enjoy this special little gift!

Unfortunately the map is only available in French, but since the messages are only on signs you can fully enjoy the attractions.


  • Devildog68
  • Abibiche
  • Pinepy
  • lorgan17