In the two first puzzles of the last dungeons of the game, if you encounter a bug that makes […]
The last boss of the game Ranegot, can encounter somme bugs but the second phase Wither Boss are […]
When you are in the game (anywhere on the map in the normal dimension), you just have to […]
This bug happens when every time a player log in the map. The Dahäl of the player might reset to […]
If your additional hearts disappeared and no longer appears, it’s because the system is blocked. To restart the […]
In this small article, we offer you the opportunity to put you in spectator mode, so you will […]
You find yourself stuck in a dark room when you enter the End portal and nothing happens? No […]
Your Dahäl doesn’t show up and spells don’t work you have to write this commands in order : […]
If the boss of the water dungeon for the Gem of Rest (Gemme du repos) doesn’t spawn, write […]
How to create your spell book? Here an exemple of a spell book : the Fireball of Across […]