– The duration of use of the “Acr Spectral” and “Spectral Axe” spells has been reduced.
– The boss “Owlkär” can now be fought again after dropping the second space gem.

Bug fix:
– Textures that disappeared after the update to version 1.20 of Minecraft have been added.
– The player’s additional hearts are no longer reset to zero when he activates the rune bonus in “Ryliath”.
– The “Secret Finder” spell book no longer multiplies when the player resets it.
– The player will no longer sometimes get stuck in the center and below the “UmbraTyanth” arena.
– Certain NPCs becoming hostile will no longer have a chance of dropping “Gold nuggets” when they die.

Miscellaneous :
– Various minor bugs have been fixed.
– Game credits have been updated.
– Blocks have been placed in certain locations to prevent the player from getting stuck or going off the map.


– Possibility of developing third-party B runes in stacks of 2 or 3.
– At the start of the game after discovering the main city “Ryliath” it will rain less in Tellurön.

Bug fix:
– The rune bonus for calculating Dahäl and Additional Heart is now correctly calculated according to the bonus number of the runic word and the number of players present in the game.
– The bonuses of the mythical rune “Enigma” now stack well with the bonuses of other runes.
– The damage from bows depending on their power enchantment and having an “Infinity” enchantment bonus is now added normally.
– The number of additional skill points gained with MASTER levels are now correctly calculated during reset.
– Legendary items can now be sold if the player reaches the maximum recycler level.
– Recipes using multiple “Sovereign Scales of Chaos” to give runes now work.
– The player can no longer be kicked out of the arena when fighting the boss “Umbra’Tyanth”.

Miscellaneous :
– Various minor bugs have been fixed.


Additions and Improvements:
– The map and its resource pack have been updated, and this new version is now only playable with the latest version 1.20.2 of Minecraft.
– Added a new gameplay system: runic words. Once completed, these runic words, composed of “runes”, can offer new exclusive bonuses for all players: Extra Heart, Dahäl Max, Chronoton and Experience Gain Rate, Decreased Spell Cooldown Rate, Increased spell damage, Increased Boss Drop Rate.
– Added 27 Runes that can be dropped in different locations in the game (chests, elites, bosses). Of various rarities, level and tiers, they are used to compose runic words.
– Added a rune room behind the NPC “Kelmya” in Ryliath where runic words can be crafted and stored.
– Added a container with a maximum of 5 slots for creating recipes that give various rewards in exchange (runic words, runes, ESC, etc.).
– Added a new page in the “Consciousness” book dedicated to runic words as well as the list of available recipes.
– Added, as a reward for a special recipe, the mythical potion “Elixir Vitae” whose numerous effects can last 1 hour.
– Added a large secret dungeon hidden in the depths of Sylberländ, with no secondary quests associated, but an NPC will give hints to players to access it.
– Added, as a reward for the new secret dungeon boss, the mythical spell “Secret Seeker” allowing you to discover all the secrets of the map.
– Added over 200 chests and 35 additional hidden symbols.
– Added runic ores that give a chance to obtain runes and can be collected by hand throughout the Sylberländ region.
– Added a “Recycler” level system that evolves depending on the number of items that have been sold by the player (the higher the level, the more expensive the items can be sold).
– Added a level of the storage spell, automatically unlocked by the NPC “Ithil”, before opening the portal to the dimension of “Billgart”.
– Added the possibility of forcing the reset of the lists of items for sale in stores against 250 “Chronotons”.
– Added many new achievements related to runes and runic words.
– Added the “Eternan” level for players exceeding 300 “Master” levels (the “Eternan” level is infinite but only earns one skill point at each level).

– The “combos” system has been balanced and is now initialized at the start of the game for all players.
– The luck statistic “LUC” and strength “STR” can now be increased by two additional levels. However, it will require spending more skill points in the Consciousness book to unlock them.
– The final levels of strength will progress less exponentially in power, allowing more flexibility in designing an equipment set based on strength.
– The final levels of movement speed “SPD” will cost slightly more skill points.
– The final levels of Dahäl “DAR” regeneration will cost slightly more skill points.
– The regeneration rate of Dahäl’s effect has been generally decreased.
– The gain of extra hearts at each level has been shifted to higher levels.
– The number of experience needed to gain a level has been further increased overall.
– The frequency of automatic spawning of enemies has been increased a bit.
– Tip messages now appear in the chat every 15 minutes automatically and can be disabled through an option in the “Consciousness” book.
– The mythical weapon “Interfacer” no longer jams, and the player can shoot as long as there are ammunition in the left hand.
– Player fatigue from using lances has been slightly increased.
– The number of “Slime” to kill for the quest from “Garry Traskel” has been reduced to 10.
– The health point of the boss “La Flamme Noire” has been reduced a little.
– Legendary gold weapons now have a slightly lower self-repair frequency.
– The price of house extensions has been increased slightly.
– The sale price of items has been balanced to evolve according to the level of the “Recycler”.
– High-level bosses and elites drop more “Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos”.
– Bosses on “Master” difficulty give a little more reward.
– The boss reward increases a little depending on the “LUC” skill points.
– The damage absorption effect of endgame bosses has been reduced.
– The drop of mega elites has been reduced a little.
– The sale price of “Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos” has been increased to 150 “Chrontons”.
– The experience and chronoton penalties caused upon death of player have been increased for all difficulties.
– The visual effect of the “Rising” level passages has been improved.
– The time to obtain the different levels of the “Survival” bonus has been increased.
– The duration for pets summon spells to level up has been increased a bit and their particles have been modified.
– At the end of the arena as a reward the player will obtain up to 100000 additional experience points depending on the difficulty.
– The maximum number of “Exploits” points has been increased and now stands at 17155.

Bug Fixes:
– The checkpoint at the beginning of the “Billgart” dimension no longer brings the player back to Ryliath when they die.
– Entries for the bosses “Ulkogummi” or “Gestrôm” in Billgart, as well as the final time portal for the main quest in “Nojelanth,” are no longer inactive.
– Many bugs preventing the completion of certain Achievements have been fixed.
– The boss “Karon” once again drops items as a reward for defeating it.
– It is no longer possible to be pushed back when climbing the Soquaï waterfall.
– The player can now receive the “Chronotons” reward if they choose to return the “Trias” bow as their second option.
– Certain Billgart dimension checkpoints will no longer bring the player back to “Ryliath.”
– The player can now, if he fails, exit the final arena and return to Sylberländ.
– Resetting the number of skill points now restores the exact number depending on the player’s “Master” level.

– The visual enchantment effect on items has been fixed.
– Tips messages have been added.
– Various minor bugs have been fixed.
– Blocks have been placed in certain locations to prevent the player from getting stuck or going off the map.