After all this time wandering in the region of Sylberländ and desperately searching for a sign of my mother, I can finally progress: In Eolorion is located a friend of my family.

He is called Korlaph, fellow adventurer to the sides of my mother, he followed her in almost all of her adventures and passed by the house before each expedition departure. He was like an uncle to me: when I was little, I loved listening to the stories of his trips. To be honest and now that I think of it, they were all pretty gloomy, taking place in ancient burials, catacombs and all sorts of tombs. However, it’s because I remembered his stories that I begun following his steps in similar places of Sylberländ.

In any case, my instinct has always been right during my quest. I arrived full of hope towards him, hoping to learn more about the disappearance of my mother. This is when I realised I didn’t know him well. He was almost like a stranger now, it was as if I was addressing a dead person. He recognized me but the way he spoke shocked me.With a surprised look on his face, he questioned me about the reason of my coming.

I then explained to him my story since the disappearance of my mother until the reasons for my home departure.

When I started talking about Tatiana, my mother, there was like a switch in his mood, I bothered him. So I decided to be straightforward before he shut himself, and I asked if he knew where she was and the reason why she left.

He confessed very dryly that she would have encountered a fatal fall during her last expedition. Confused by the sadness of this confession, but also now hurt in my hopes to find my mother, I begged him to explain why he never came to announce her death.

“But I did forward this news to your father… You must know his sorrow was deep, just like yours”, He answered..

I, who thought I would be strong, wasn’t prepared for this eventuality. He offered his hand and got me up, he took me in his arms. Then, he slowly whispered these words in my ear: “It will be fine, my girl…”

I felt an icy breath on my skin, and chills surged through my body.

He added that my father surely wanted to protect me and keep the truth for himself. But the damage had been done. I was hurt by the absence of my mother and not only did I grow up without her but also in the wrong company of an irresponsible father.

I then asked, desperate :

“Why did she have to fall? What am I going to do…”

To which he answered with:

“Life can sometimes be terrible, as much as death. I know a place where death and life are only points of view, a place the mountains protected by its secrecy and its inaccessibility.”

All these  confessions shattered me, in this confusion my life was broken a second time. I was lost, I had no direction besides to follow this man in whom I had little trust.

However Korlaph gave me hope, something strong to allow me to continue my journey with someone who could protect me, the father I never really had.

Even if tired of my journey, I couldn’t wait anymore: I needed to go to the place Korlaph told me about. After only a few days of rest at Eolorion, we were ready to make the ascent.

From what he told me, we will take the same path my mother took for her last trip.

I always kept in mind the hints gathered in the catacombs during my journey. The steep places give to an idea of my mother’s motivation, and the extent of the risks she had to take.

Maybe I will never come back, but in any case, I will see her again in this world or another.

I know that people are tracking my steps, I’ve known it since the mine of the Mornith. To you who finds this message, don’t lose your time, you will never get me.