– Solo or Coop PVE map (Max 2 players)
– About 4h of plays
– A big maze dungeon with 5 chapters and 25 Levels
– Many trials (Jump, Puzzle, Enigma)
– A reset system of events every 5 minutes
– Lots of monsters to fight, and a Boss awaits you at the end
– An economy based on currency “Schlagluck”
– Many Items loot in chest or on monster
– A store with many things (Armors, Weapons, Potions, Foods, Legendary)
– Upgrade system to evolve your skill (Haste, Strengh, Resistance, Speed)
– A slot machine to gain xp and money
– A checkpoint system to save your progress by chapter.


You wake up in a huge labyrinthine dungeon.
You don’t know what happened to you, but one thing is important : get out of this dungeon. A sadistic demon wants to harm you, and many horrific events await you.

You will face to the hundred minions of this evil demon. But rest assured you’ll have plenty of weapons and armor available and also ability allowing you to increase your strength or resistance.

Many treasures are to be discovered and they will be essential to complete this maze.

All the maze consists of complete 5 chapters, all decomposed into 5 levels!
Be vigilant, patient and curious, and don’t forget to buy better equipments and upgrade in the shop!

Will you be brave enough and determined to confront the terrible Sogoth Yog?

Rules :

– Play in Adventure mode!
– Never play in peaceful!
– Minecraft version : 1.5+
– For multiplayer server : “enable-command : true”


This map is the first that was made by Piccomaster, Dungeon Doomaster is an old map now, it was released in early 2013.

It can be played in 1.5 or more and also available in French.
It’s not intended to be a map RPG with an extraordinary visual, but a simple little game PVE.

So, you can always try and download it. Good luck and enjoy the game.

Thanks to Devildog and LordHorus for Beta testing.