This story dates back to the dawn of time, a distant era from which no immortals remain to tell their story, or to remember the first moments following the creation of Telluron by the Goddess, Gaia. The scenery was then very different to what we are now familiar with: the sky, while radiant, was always decorated with countless stars that melted into a sky of many colors. The sun, such a brilliant light, pale yet warm, and the moon giving off light hardly less than it. The mountains, their peaks beside the clouds; huge and imposing, they didn’t even seem to leave a shadow. Even the oceans glowed gently, more so than the sun, and sometimes they and the clouds merged to form great fountains over the massive expanses of water and let it fall with a soft rumble at the surface. The times were peaceful, with a stable world, like an everlasting spring.

Almost nobody had been born in this world, and only Melanth, the King in Telluron, was there to represent the Eternans (Immortals, or as we know them gods.)Despite the world’s youth, evil was, too, born into it. They threatened the peaceful children of Gaia. The Dingir, first people of Telluron, had to hide in the shelter of the mountains, inaccessible to the evil growing like a dark weed on the surface.It was at this time that the seventh kingdom, Sirius, had awakened, known as ‘The New Eden’.Portals to other kingdom appeared, sometimes, and amazed Gaia’s children. Many thought the gates led to the home of their Goddess, but none dared cross, or wanted to because the people of Telluron had a contentment within (which is gone in the current age) that didn’t give them a need or desire for adventure or to satisfy their curiosity.However, there was one young mortal born to other mortals, and not to Gaia, that did have a curiosity, a large one, for the world that surrounded him. He lived in Telluron’s capital city, which covered the whole of the mountain on which it lay. Legends have it that Gaia shaped this mountain particularly to care for her children.

In awe of the incredible portals, the young mortal dreamed of one day passing through them to see the wonderful things he imagined befitted his Goddess. He was only 14 years old when he saw one for the first time, it had appeared directly in front of the palace, and dazzled the Dingir people with its splendour, having materialised as a divine vision, a gift from the Goddess to her Children. From then, the child’s curiosity controlled him. He left the city on a horse and travelled to the smaller villages around it. He travelled far and wide, often encountering danger, but without giving up on his goal. During his great journey, he collected a reservoir of information about previous portals in order to predict where future ones would appear. A nickname was given to him: ‘The Hunter of Worlds’.

His journey took him a great distance from the city, and the portals would always appear just before he arrived in a place. His predictions were more and more precise, but he always missed them by any time from hours to minutes. His quest, so frantic, never stopped, as if he were chasing wind or clouds and never tiring. Whispers of distant flashes gave him hope.His grand adventure continued until he was 37, and a portal finally, after many years, appeared right before him.As he approached, he noticed something: The sky darkened extraordinarily. Everything became darker than the darkest nights he’d ever known. It darkened even more as he stepped further toward the gate. But he was not afraid, for his purpose was still clear to him and he believed this was the end of his quest.

He approached the gate and looked at it. Then he tried to see what it looked like from the other side. From anywhere, the gate was dark. He understood it as the obscurity of the heavens, as a link to the divine Goddess. However, it was not like the first he had seen in Dingir. Nothing good came from this one. As he approached, he could finally see what was on the other side: An old, dark land, desolate and destroyed. He thought for an hour, but could not convince himself that Gaia lived here. Almost nothing was moving. In this sinister scene, though, he thought he could see a shadow coming forward. Then this shadow grew all of a sudden, making him fall backwards, until suddenly the shadow was so large it obstructed the gate. A huge monster! Imposing, it was in similar stature to a wolf but more like a bear, a big one, with a flat black coat and despairing green eyes. Grey, long pointed scales overtook the animal’s coat on its back and tail. The young mortal could see the beast’s anger, fear and despair all at once.

This is how the World Hunter’s life ended: tragically, just after achieving his life’s goal – to only be disappointed. He was paralyzed by fear, and the beast threw itself upon him like lightning and killed him.His spirit then entered the ether from whence it had come so long ago, but Gaia had watched him. She watched everything that went on in the land of her children, and wondering of his unusual perseverance and curiosity, and the end that snuffed out his fragile life, she kept his consciousness intact instead of allowing it to slip away. Then the World Hunter appeared, in a state of super-consciousness which he enjoyed beside Gaia, who he had spent life searching for. This was like an eternity to him. Relieved of his fears, his regrets, he kept his curiosity as it was before his death. When he was ready, Gaia reincarnated him with immortality.

A lot of time had passed since he left the world, and Telluron had changed so much. It barely resembled what it had before.Gaia also showed him the way through a portal, to spare him regretting the old world, to Angband, a truly old kingdom compared to Telluron.But it was at war, where the Eternans that cultivated it opposed ‘The Black Flame’ an old guardian, corrupt, of the source of the magic of all the worlds.The story stops here, telling little of the Hunter of Worlds’ future. All we know is what his name was.

His name was Etotsira.