The greatest RPG Adventure Map for Minecraft Vanilla 1.13!
Presented and created by Team Adventquest,
Behold the sequel of Across The Time : Time For Regret

Based on an original idea of Thundesrtruck and Piccomaster.

Project’s beginning : 22 Avril 2015

Release date : 16 December 2020

{Minecraft Vanilla 1.17.1}


– A large RPG Map/PVE, semi-open Solo or Multi (max 5 players).
– A main quest with an original story.
– Over 30 hours of game time for the main storyline, and more than 60 hours with secondary objectives.
– Lot of side quests to complete, and an elaborate quest tracking system.

– Many cutscenes throughout the adventure.
– A wide world with varied biomes and unusual realm in diverse dimensions.
– More than 25 Spells consuming Dahäl can scale on 10 levels, each based on your improvement and your frequency of using them.
GPS system pointing the player in the right direction of the chosen quest goal. Cities and villages spread across the worlds and inhabited by many NPCs with whom you will have to interact with.
– A Role Play always more entertaining thanks to a reputation system according to the responses and actions provided during your adventure.
– Hundreds of achievements to complete, and panoramas to discover for the intrepid travelers that you ARE.
Many items of all kinds (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical).
– A resource pack adapted to the gameplay, with customized items (keys, artifacts, books), new types of weapons (Maces, Knives) and new sounds.
– The original musics composed entirely for the game.
Adapted level of difficulties (Apprentice, Veteran, Master) with a balanced death penalty system.
– Evolution of the player with level “Rising” by gaining experience (Hearts/Dahäl/Skills).
Skills to unlock (Strength, Resistance, Speed, Haste, Dahäl Regain, Health Regen, Luck).
– Many battles against thousands of Monsters, Elites and Boss.
– Evolutionary and scalable enemies depending on the level of player.
Riddles, puzzles and jumping test and event will spice your quest up.
– A checkpoint system if you die and Waypoint to travel more easily.
– Thousands of chests and secrets to discover.
– A highly developed economy with its own currency “Chronotons” and a secondary one, very rare : “Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos”.
– Many shops (Food, Weapons, Armor, Potions…).
– Weapons or armor recycling easily convertible in Chronotons.
– A bank to deposit your Chronotons with a practical system of exchange between players.
– An anti-cheat system to drastically reduce the player’ cheat cravings and to ensure the good functioning of the systems and adventure map during this long journey.

Across The Time 2 data, it’s about :
+ 12.000.000 m² (total area of the map, all dimensions),
+ 55,000 Words of dialogue
+ 20,000 Functions
+ 5,000 Mobspawner
+ 3,500 Chests
+ 750 Exploits
+ 450 Scoreboards
+ 400 Unique items
+ 350 Checkpoints
+ 350 Customized Sounds
+ 300 Quest Objectives+ 150 NPCs
+ 50 Normal Levels
+ 50 Master Levels
+ 50 Side Quests
+ 30 Bosses
+ 25 Spells
+ 20 Original Music

Since the events of Across The Time, you have managed to return to your era and a few years have passed. The hero you embodied has resumed to his old habits in the city where he lives: Hill Valley. This town, following the disruptions of the magical source, was able to partly transform it and so, use it as an energy source. But in this new peaceful life, evil resurfaced. It eats you away since you drank the source of corruption in the Kingdom of Angband in the old days.

This all besides the fact that your heroic acts are completely forgotten in the modern time in which you live, and your new daily habits are driving you completely embittered.

You gradually start losing the control of your mind; nothing seems to have control over this mystical power of the ancient source of corruption. The person who was the hero of the 7 Worlds seems to have faded and sank into a hellish vortex. You start killing innocents…

This is when a mysterious being appears; the only name that he will give to you is a letter… “S”. A new reason to fight will arise from the threat of this evil energy. “S” will entrust you with a task, a mission in which you will have to wipe out the heroic life you have spent in Ëarndhel and question the people who helped you in the past. But this new quest might give you the opportunity of making a name in a new world of the past of Tellurön.

You will have to travel the land of Silberländ in order to get rid of the evil in your mind. This mission, far less heroic from the one you had to save the 7 worlds can seem much less epic as well. This task won’t be easy and many things will be revealed about you. You will travel from one region to another, from towns to villages and also through new dimensions. You will not only learn more about yourself but also about the history of the seven kingdoms. Many more surprises to come…

The hero that you were must avoid chaos and oblivion; you were not the chosen one from the 7 World for no reason after all … Control the magic of the old days “Dahäl” by learning more spells; master the numerous weapons and armors; help the people of Silberländ; collect you own fortune with the local currency “Chronoton” and climb the levels to become even more powerful. A new epic adventure awaits you in “Across The Time II – Time for Regrets”.


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