The new version of Across The Time available since 5 Mars 2015.
With this version 2.0, we fixed a lot of bugs and made some adjustments.

V2.0 :

– Reduction of mobspawner and zombies in the city of introduction,
– Signs add and better indication for some missions in the city of introduction,
– The road to the bridge in the city is more appropriate,
– The way to the “gemme du souvenir”, the buttons in the 2 heads of gods protector and the dungeon entrance are better indicated
– The path on the ramparts of Kakkara dungeon in the desert is more appropriate,
– A better indication of the sacred store
– The fishing rod is now unbreakable,
– Added security to the end dungeon boss and the mini-boss Hector drop all their soul (Âme),
– Added security to tp the player directly to Earndhel if a checkpoint is obstructed,
– The books statistics is now well in the basement of Henry Jones Senior,
– The player can’t more now jump into the big gate of the city of introduction,
– Deleting a message that appeared twice in the tutorial,
– Some holes were resealed and corrected to prevent the player from locking,
– Fixed a bug where the player making the quest for the sacred artifact after putting the power battery (pile d’énergie) in the hopper (it was tp directly to the dungeon of desolation)
– Fixed bug removing 40 Dahal when the player put gem courage (gemme du courage) before the gem of life (gemme de vie),
– Fixed several tp in the dimension ‘desolation’ that automatically stop,
– Fixed final tp bringing the player to the present that automatically stop,
– Fixed a bug preventing the player to have the sacred item Getsuga after filing “Sovereign Scales Chaos” (Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos),
– Fixed minor bugs giving the player the opportunity to get out of the map,
– Fixed the spelling of certain dialogue and panels,
– Added translation of the signs in the game,