Magic is a great characteristics of Across the Time. In the sequel the player will have even more spells to cast.
It will still be based on the enchantments and incantations of the books which will be much more advantageous than before thanks
to the Dahäl incantation’s tool. This new item makes it easier to cast the spell, as you can see on the video.
But that’s not all, now in Across The Time 2 spells has its own level.
Each spell will be available in Magic Book and may improve according to how many times you used them.
At the beginning the spells that were not used yet will not have much impact, but gradually as the player uses a magic spell, its power will increase. Moreover some spells will see their visual effect change as they evolve. When a spell passes a level you will need to check it at the Master of Dahäl’s place.
There are 10 levels by spell book, and there will be more than 25 spells in Across The Time 2.