Players need to choose between 8 class at the beginning of the game!

Each class has his own feature, like unique spell book, or passive

Classe Abilites
Warrior Gain 2 hearts in absorption after each death.
Hunter Bow + gain an arrow every 30 seconds.
Healer Life regeneration aura, healing players within a radius of 5.
Ninja Invisible all the time + spell of speed “Elusiveness”.
Druide Wolf summoning spell “Gloomy Wolf” + Regeneration of 1 bone every 30 seconds.
Bumpkins Gained 1 food point every 30 seconds.
Alchemist Splash potions + gain 1 bottle XP every 30 seconds.
Wizard Spell of fire “Inferno” + Dahäl regeneration of 3 every 30 seconds.