Skills & evolution system

This terrible adventure will put you in difficult situations, the skills evolution systems is created to answer that.
During the game, your character will gain more and more experience, thanks to this Xp, you will be able to exchange against advantageous abilities.

Many effects are available from the weapons master, with several level unblock :
– Strenght: I, II, III, IV
– Resistance: I, II, III, IV
– Attack speed: I, II, III
– Renewal of Dahäl: I, II, III, IV
– Renewal of heal: I, II, III, IV

Money & Shops

An important part of the game that we can’t to undervalue : the economy.
The principal money of the game is the « Chronoton »
Every monsters killed will give you ONE Chronoton, but the sell of recyclables items or the secrets’s searching will give you more.

All these Chronotons give you the possibility  to buy a lot of items in different shops in the main village of the game :
– Alchemist (potion’s shop)
– Smith (Weapons and armour  shop)
– Grocer (food shop)
The Palace sell sacred items.
Indeed, an other money is available in the game. This money is called « Sovereign Shell of Chaos ». With this, you can buy powerful sacred items in the game. This money can be found in some chests and on some monsters or Boss.

Black market

As mentioned previously, you’ll be able to exchange many objects like (zombie meat, wire spider, skeleton bones, etc.)
Indeed, thanks to Hannibal Chau’s black market, any useless monsters drops can be exchanged in Chronotons.

You will just to put items on specific container, and it’s done. Thanks to that, every drops, every items give you a benefit.


The Bank is a popular place for multiplayer game, because the money exchange system between player is developed in it.
The Bank is in the Palace, you can exchanged 5, 50 or 500 Chronotons per click.
You will find in the Bank a exchange system of Chronoton to XP, and XP to Chronoton.