Thunderstruck Piccomaster





English Translation

Sigmund Athena Devildog68 Tristepouille

Chinese translation


Beta tester

Fulmen, Rubn2003, Devildog68, Tristepouille, Maximonf, Drigabuss, Freedmatius, Swann10diamant.

Special thanks

Thank you already for waiting so long, for the release of our map, because it was not won. To give you an idea, this map is a work of 2 years. We have sacrificed almost completely 2 years of our lives for this project. Sometimes, it was hard, but we had great fun to creat a map of this scale on Vanilla Minecraft.

Programs and plugins used : Mcedit (with Sethbling filters), Bukkit, World Edit, Too Many Items, NBT Edit. Thanks to : Sethbling, MinecraftZephirr, Jesper The End, Moirnvince, Hypixel, for their maps and tutorial video too!

A Special thank to Kuro Arachi, for his help at the beginning of this project. We also thank the Rock/Metal band «  Vernes » that accepts to put his song at the end of the game.