This book recounts the true genesis of the seven kingdoms.

In the beginning there was nothing. Nothingness. But in this emptiness and darkness a pale white glow was born that marked the initiation of time. During the infinity of years, light stood there without anything happening. However as time went on, it gradually gained intensity. It continued to grow until one day, it awoke, and then came α: self-generated.

Opening his eyes on the emptiness around him and blinded by the infinite darkness, he created a second light as bright as him, having only his own being and his own conscience for inspiration. He then feeds this clone from his own strength, but it eventually grew until it burst, giving birth to a space.

Intrigued and amazed by the spectacular development of his clone, α decided to live in this new world. Eden, the first of seven kingdoms was created. He shaped this world, at that time only made of lifeless matter, and he drew his inspiration from the forms in this world.

In the nothingness that surrounded this area  a second light then appeared. It didn’t take long before it also started to awake. It shone with intense glowing radiance that illuminated the entirety of Eden.

α surprised by this new miracle, got closer to this second entity, and after a few decades of contemplation, he eventually give each a name: Môt, white creator of the Eden and Irilion the red explosion.

Irilion, marveling at Eden, wanted to imitate his predecessor, and in a few seconds, he created his own dimension. Larger and more complete than Eden, Angband was born.

For its part, Môt was inspired by the second living entity, which emerged since the beginning of time, Irilion, and created life, or rather a “primary form” of life. He knew neither death nor negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear or pain … These creatures took all their strength from the radiance emitted by the young Angband. Irilion recognized Môt as his master and did the same in his world. A perfect symbiosis existed between the two kingdoms, and each new day a new wonder appeared within each of them.

Irilion who was considerably more powerful than Môt, managed to create a new element equal to time, matter and life: magic. It allowed to feed Angband in vital energy without any need from Eden. He shaped the infinite source of magic to sustain the creatures of his world, and conceived a guardian: The Black Flame.

He could not know that a huge imbalance would emerge between the two dimensions. Eden was swept away by the power of magic of Angband and was almost completely destroyed. Beings living there experienced negative emotions as well as death.

Môt once naive and pure, lost hope then fell into anger and excessive sadness of having been betrayed by his equal. Irilion wished not to terminate his masterpiece and so allowed the reconstruction of Eden. Môt returned to Angband and blinded by his anger, destroyed the weakest creatures in Angband to provoke Irilion. This kingdom was, for the first time ever, disfigured.

Both gods fought each other, which made it worse. Beings of the kingdom lost their immortality but they did not experience negative emotions. Irilion, not yet sure how to beat Mot, was defeated. Môt was not satisfied with his victory over Irilion so he killed him. “Môt the white” became “Mot the dark.” Eden, completely destroyed, became the kingdom of Desolation. Môt drew his energy from the interdimensional void as he did in the beginning. Then he killed all the entities still alive in the world (Desolation) too and shut himself there to forget his youthful naivety.

Shortly after, other lights appeared: 5 in total. Perceiving the first two kingdoms, the new gods decided to get inspired from it. Môt never came back and the mistakes made in the first worlds were copied … This recounts the origin of evil.