Death… This last breath, from matter to nil, this ultimate dissociation from the physical body and the spirit haunts us since our birth. Under the whimsical desires of space and time, we are all destined to meet the other side of the mirror. Each of us will one day go through the three paths from darkness to light.

During childhood, at the dawn of our consciousness, we unknowingly experiment its end.

This utter void, this dim hallway leading to nothingness, like we were attracted by a never-ending abyss. Some remember this feeling; others try to forget it by living every thrill and experience life can offer them.

The latter might be right. Is life not made of information, energy, and materials we can shape to one’s need? We were, or so we say, chosen by a divinity to experience his creation… I became doubtful of this, and I sometimes force myself to forget what life in this damned world is truly. Don’t we live in despair, down here? And us, prisoners of this universe, are we chosen to stay captive until our time comes?

Don’t the myths talk about how the Gods, by their almighty powers, created worlds to fill them with life to satisfy their need for experiences? Are we the mere toys of their desires? So many cycles have been spent pondering on a myriad of questions, which remain unanswered… Leading systematically to this moment where the weariness of thinking takes over our mind.

My passive way of living and the satisfaction I get by observing every event and every subtlety that nature gives me to unravel allowed me to live long enough to try and understand what surrounds me. But, ultimately, what do I really know? The only great question that the wises ask and which is worthy of an answer must be this one.

I do not pretend to be someone that is wise, but it is an aspect of my being towards which I want to grow. With the experiments recently accomplished, I will account for my love for life, and for the art of fathoming death itself. This supreme art, worked through my observations and reflections, is a method that I named alchimancy. It allowed me to transmute matter so well, that I could change its state in one of other materials already known but much rarer in this world.

The Vitriol, a substance I created and which helped me find the essence of matter itself in order to make anything transparent to true light might alas be of use to answer a simple question: Is there something after death?

I am Trismegor Alchi, pioneer of mortals in matters of life energy at the verge of death.