In any case, death was no longer an issue but a solution to a whole other problem… The need to tip this great power against the immortals! It was not my main objective, but I had to be a part of history after such discoveries. The wrath caused by all the suffering I saw during the war took over my wisdom-seeking mind. Science, the time I wasted observing nature finally rewards me in a way I would have never imagined. Life gives us suffering, death gives us wisdom and now, I give myself power…

On these last lines I write, I come to the dusk of my life. After three attempts on my own body to survive death, I know that I will never be able to fully escape it, but I know more than anything that my research will not be forgotten.

I however had the time to write this journal, so my work and my knowledge are preserved. I hand the gift of the errors in the fake pages at the end of this book. To whoever will find this, use it to a just and respectful means. Death might not be a curse; I will soon enough know it… Alas.

Trismegor Alchi, the three times dead. May life end by the three steps of the sage and revert to unity.