From the suffering of mourning, mine and other’s, and following the previous experiments accomplished by our mortal ancestors, I could not resist the temptation of searching for a cure for death in its purely physical form. We are all mortals; our time runs out as all these other immortal beings filling our world govern us through the very conception of beginning and end… They have no fear for the time that passes, no emotions or even self interest. They gain an experience such that they have the luxury of knowing the origin of their own existence. They even have the boldness to say that we are blessed to be mortal and rest…

Us, the mortals, are lost in an eternal cycle, a maelstrom of emotions until our last breath. A feebleness that immortals seemingly envy us, to my great disappointment… Immortality, a curse? They have, at least, a prominent sense of irony!

I cannot keep living by ideals forgotten by our ancestors, we cannot coexist with beings this superior to us. They accumulate knowledge as we, we forget them! It is time for me to transmute our miserable life.

However, I know that I could not obtain an easy answer because it probably does not exist. So is life, made of complexities, of death, of flesh, of putrefaction, of suffering, of joys and of emotions… But one thing is certain, this life is intrinsically linked to a sort of other world that the elders called “Ether”. It is, according to some images, an energy that we can combine with Dahäl, but I personally think it has nothing to do with it. I cannot imagine it being different than an etheric flow carrying away souls and bodies which animate us.

I was once again thinking about these near-death experiences which intrigued me until now:

Some individuals while facing the precipice of their death, when almost arrived beyond the breaking point towards the most total unconsciousness, were able to come back to life by experiencing a sort of daydream. On the border between the physical world and this dream, they were surrounded by a soothing warmth, no longer fearing to let go. Those who experienced this phenomenon claimed they could feel themselves fly above their own bodies while seeing all things around them, without, of course, being able to interact with them.

I already shiver thinking of hearing the afterlife’s whispers. Where the senses fail and where, by my work, I will deliver an explanation. To do so I will use all of my time, all of my knowledge through alchimancy.