Resource Pack

A very satisfying way to immerse yourself in Minecraft adventure is the resource pack, because it allows you to have available to numerous customization.
Especially in Across The Time 2 it will be much more developed than in the first, as it will add the customized items such as new weapons (knives, masses, legendary weapons), various objects specially modify for this adventure (Sovereign Scale Chaos, keys, quest Object). They will, moreover, designed in 3D as you can see in the images below.

AND we prefer to warn you in advance, playing without resource-pack to Across The Time 2 will probably cause blindness 😵😅.

Also, the resource-pack allows another presentation of the inventory, including many customs sounds. 
Of course not to mention a soundtrack with new original music composed for the map entirely. 
The resource pack will now directly integrated into the map.

Here 2 pieces of the original soundtrack already composed for the map :