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As you might expect, the construction of our map Minecraft adventures requires a lot of time and has become a passion almost full-time for some of us.
Yes, Minecraft is our passion and we want to share our love of video games, map-making and music to others, but the sharing if it must exist, it cannot be only a one-way operation.

We don’t hide behind the ambition that the Team has given itself especially when it comes to offer a totally free work for people.
Indeed you will notice that we do everything ourselves without benefits of the selling maps minecraft because the rules of the EULA with Mojang are very clear and indicates that we don’t have the right.

It should also be noted that we are not the kind of server that can sell all types of VIP contained or virtual currency etc … We have a simple mission to provide the map directly as a free download.
We must also add on the time that we spend building our maps, we use a paid server and also to build a website which is not hosted free.
We have set up an advertising page at downloads but this system is far from offsetting the work and effort spent on our maps.

That’s for all this here that we allow people to make donations through Paypal, offering players loving our map, the possibility to give the Team the amount he wants to support us.

Or use Skrill with this adress :

And those who like our music, you can also support us by purchasing our songs directly by downloads on the link below.

Buy : « Across The Time – The Original Soundtrack »

We thank people very much who have been able to make a donation, if even very small, it’s the thought that counts.
We are very grateful to make the people happy thanks to our map and we hope to continue to do.
Thank you.

Adventquest Team