In this small article, we offer you the opportunity to put you in spectator mode, so you will can see behind the scenes of the map.

Here is the command to disable the anticheat system for this gamemode, first leave the nether or end dimension (Desolation or Angband), then when you are in Tellüron world, write this command : “/setblock 2 60 45 air“.

Now you can fly in spectator mode by writting this following command : “/gamemode 3
To go back in aventure mod write this command : “/gamemode 2“.

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  1. I think I must encounter some bugs.When we got the second red stone in the endplace and we were on the way back to portal.Then we somehow triggered “billgart” again,and main mission dates back too.It says “there is a broken bridge” But we’ve already finished this place and all the mission including fixing the bridge.What do we gonna do now

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