Hello everyone,

The ultimate update “The Final Challenge” v3.0.0 of “Across The Time 2” is finally here!

This final release marks the end of a great adventure, indeed this update will be the last major one. From now on, we don’t just have a simple Minecraft “map” but a fully-fledged game, everything we dreamed of doing on Minecraft!

The v3.0.0 is distinguished by these 3 styles of challenge: combat, parkour, exploration. Indeed, there is now new content challenging players on these 3 aspects.

– Combat:

A final test, with consecutive arenas to challenge the toughest players in combat, has appeared. This consists of 5 tournaments to be completed in one go (with however breaks and rewards between each tournament).

– Parkour:

A timed parkour test, allowing the player to measure his time and also earn rewards if he beats a certain time, has been added.

– Exploration:

Over a thousand “Adventquest” exploration symbols have been scattered all over the map. The player will therefore have the possibility of collecting them and will unlock additional “Exploits” for each region completed.

To introduce these new challenges, at the end of the game, a great final side quest will close the story of the hero of Across The time 2.

During this new quest, the player will have to face bitter memories. This is why new areas, modified music and NPCs are appearing.

New mythical rewards are also added, including exceptionally an entire mythical armor set, and also a weapon that can only be purchased by the wealthiest…

Of course, there are still plenty of other additions which are detailed in the “changelog”.

Also, balancing has been implemented in this latest version. The rate of experience to gain to level up has been changed a bit to balance the increase in the number of Achievements.

A balance expected by players has also been made: now the repair rate of items at blacksmiths is higher.

Lots of other balancing as well as many major and minor bugs have been fixed.

Aside from all these major changes, 3.0.0 is officially the update with full Chinese translation.

Not only has the resource pack been updated, but the map is also available with the latest Minecraft version 1.19.2.

We have finally reached the end of what we have imagined since the beginning and we are extremely proud of it. But without you, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Thanks to all for your support, we were able to find the motivation to reach the end of this fantastic adventure.

Of course, this doesn’t mark the end of everything, the website will be back soon after a big maintenance problem, and we will surely continue to fix some bugs if there are any, but it will only concern minor updates.

We hope that the start of the 2022 year has gone well. We wish you the best and above all a very good adventure in the lands of Sylberländ!

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