Since the start of the school year, we made a little review of the progress of the work done on the map, and we can tell you that the map is about 50 per cent complete. To give some informations on the meter total of the map, this 50% takes into account the correction of all the bugs. We will post a new counter when we will be at the bug correction in Alpha and Beta.

To sum up, our work during this summer was to develop the Resource-Pack, the gameplay systems, the cutscenes, the lore and the side quests. However as you can see the picture on the presentation, we have recently done a bit of terraforming.


At the level of functional systems created and on the map, there is the system of cutscenes, Panorama, of reputation, Chronotons, shops, help from quests, death, bank, recycling of items and of course dialogues.
Later we will therefore have to still put in place of the big gameplay systems such as : the Dahäl, spells of evolution, the levels and the upgrade.

Concerning the Resource-Pack, we have updated a lot of textures as you can see here with a photo of blocks changed in the nether :

Biome Nether

Also Chronotons come back, it will be of course the base currency. But to the difference of Across The Time, first of his name, the Chronotons will be droppe by monsters and may also appear in chests.
There will be two kinds of coins with their own value, a small and a large as you can see on the picture.
Through to a system of commands, all your coins will be absorbed once in your inventory and placed in an account that will be displayed at the top of your screen as in Across The Time.

Montage Chronotons

So, the Resource Pack evolve little by little to be at 99 % Original, we’ll even changed soon the font of the game.
Piccomaster has also advanced in the composition of the music, we now have close to 1h30 of audio tracks for across the time 2. Some tracks can be very atmospheric like others at the opposite can be much more rhythmed with a metal style but always evolving with some electronic sound.

In conclusion, to give some details on the lore : a lot of story were already been written but unfortunately no English translation has yet been made. To give you an order of idea we have about sixty of pages written, or approximately 180 000 characters…
We don’t have music to share, however we can offer you, a creation of thundesrtruck representing the black flame and a photo of event with a small part of lore that he wrote :

“At this time that far removed, almost all didn’t know the use of the Dahäl. The appearance of the source of magic dating from shortly before the original cataclysm, the art of Dahäl was only perceived by his guardian : The Black Flame. It was a female dragon barely wrist twice bigger than Eternän, quadruped with sharp claws and dense feathers.”


“Coming is the time when rules and rights will fall.
Coming is the time when the failure and losses will unite into chaos.
Coming is the time when kings will disappear into oblivion and despair.
As the darkest hours of this world where the old renvenges and tensions are resurfacing.
Lord Angband beware, war is coming…”


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