The year 2016 will soon be over and we are still motivated to continue this great project that is Across The Time 2!
We will write a long article to take stock of this year and talk about the latest work done on the map.
First of all, we will start with the most recent work done : the Terraforming.
A new large area was built in the region of Silberländ on the primitive Tellurön land : the Kert desert. Arid with a rather steep terrain, this region has many old structures and mines.
Here is a picture of the desert with the village of Kortaek :


Here is another example of Sathnok Manor :


The desert is of course large enough as all the regions, and we decide not to show you everything, so that we don’t spoil the whole map. You will be surprised when you have the opportunity to venture directly to Tellurön.
So we advanced a lot in terraforming, and we start the last big area of Silberländ : the high mountains of Eolorion.
We will show you again screenshot to present you this new area which will house the second biggest city after Ryliath : Eolorion and its academy of Dahäl.
The construction of the city will be done just after the end of the terraformation this month.

Now let’s talk about the progress in gameplay systems. We constantly innovate to try to offer this map an unique RPG style in a Minecraft map, that appeals the player to improve and explore the game.
First we have established the central magic launch system. It will be more varied, reactive and interesting than the old map system Across The Time. We will share a little more about the magic and its system in another article.

Secondly, one of the most important system of the map : the Skills.
Yes, it will completely replace the old Upgrade system of Across The Time.
As in any RPG, the player will evolve by cap of level, and in Across The Time 2 the player will gain points of skills that can be spent in several attributs as you can see in the following picture :


Thanks to a system of variables and scoreboard, we can act with the effects of Minecraft independently of everything. That is, each effect of potion, magic, enemy penalty or abilities will be cumulative.
The gameplay will be greatly diversified according to the class and the choices that the player will make in his evolution.

Let’s detail the skills and effects :
– “Strength” refers to the physical strength of the player and the damage he will do with the hand weapons and arcs.
– “Resistance” is the resistance to the physical damage of enemies.
– “Haste” is the strike rate of CaC weapons and not ranged weapons.
– “Speed” is the movement speed of the player.
– “Health Max” is the total number of hearts the player will have.
– “Health Regen” refers to the rate of generation of hit points as a function of time.
– “Dahäl Max” is the total number of Dahäl that the player can possess in order to use magic spells.
– “Dahäl Regen” refers to the rate of generation of Dahäl points as a function of time.
– “Luck” is the ability to find rarer magic items and also experience potions.
– “Earner” refer to the ability to mutiply the gain of Chronotons on the monsters and in the chests.
– “Hunger” is a statistic that can not be chosen as a skill point but will indicate the saturation of the player’s hunger bar.

All this will of course work with a book that will gather all your statistics and help for the game. This one will be updated and in case of loss will always be recoverable.

Otherwise, as you noticed on the book, the font of the game is no longer that of the original game but another that has been chosen.
This will be part of the resource pack, a better font that will make the map even more unique.
Regarding the rest of the progress of the resource-pack, we made an upgrade especially in improving textures in 32×32 base blocks as you can see in the image below :


The Lore and the background continues to be written, many stories are told about the past of Tellurön, Angband or important characters who played a major role in the world of Across The Time.
Many stories will not be incorporated into the game itself because the books of Minecraft are limited in number of pages. This is why we will surely broadcast the long stories on our website and put a link in the game so that you can read them from the site of Adventquest.
You will understand that many of our Lore are written in our basic language “French”, and that they are not yet translated. That is why we do not broadcast it yet.

We’ll finish on a somewhat technical note : the loot tables. Indeed, we started to write some loot tables, a new feature appeared in the latest version of Minecraft to allow to master the loot on the monsters and chests.
In Across The Time 2 we will therefore be able to have drope of items in a very random way and also manage the percentage of rarity depending on the power of an item.

To approach the random systems of big games such as a Borderlands or Diablo we currently create the loot tables, but given the enormity of the number of items that will be in the game, Thundesrtruck created a program in visual basic from excel :


In the frame to the right of the picture, we can see a part of the program and underneath the interface that will generate our own loot_table by creating a .json file (the frame to the left of the photo) which will be directly related to the map and not to the resource pack.
This type of tool is a revolution for us, because we will be able to greatly improve the quality of the map, the length of life of the adventure with a deep exploration and drops of items always more varied and interesting to discover.

So, the year 2016 will be over and we have done more than half of our main objectives for the map. Most of the terraforming will have been done this year, and half the scenario built.
Many secondary quests have already been placed, we have a soundtrack of about 1h30 currently, the lore with many stories in order to better understand the history of Across The Time have been completed this year, the resource pack begins to be well defined and gameplay systems improves from weeks to weeks.

Anyway, there is still much work done, including construction and quests. The secondary content is something complex to write in order not to annoy the player during his adventure in Silberländ. We will work this with the greatest interest, because after all this is what extends the time of play and immersion in an universe.
We are also going to pass the map in 1.11, the latest Java version of minecraft including all the innovations (although these innovations are most for the survival).

In any case we hope that you are always as impatient as us to play the final game. We thank those who support us, the donors or those who follow us from the beginning without forgetting of course the new ones who arrive and discover our work.

To conclude this article we share you a remixed song Rock/Electro which will probably remind you of memories for those who have already traveled Across The Time :

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