We soon come to the end of the first half 2017 and we officially reach 60% of the total development the map.

Let’s start with music for once! We celebrated the 4th anniversary of Across The Time and the 2 years of Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets, and given the long development of the map we decided to update a part of the composition work of the game.
This is why Piccomaster released a music album featuring only the fighting of the game with some covers of the first Across The Time rearranged in a more rhythmic version mixing instrumental music passing from rock and electro to the symphonic.

So here is “Across The Dimension” an album now available on bandcamp, iTunes or listening on Spotify or Deezer.

To support us in our approach and the development of the map you can buy for 10 €.
We also remind you that every donation made to the Team, for the financial help we will broadcast the names or nickname of everyone who wishes.

We hope that the songs will please you, and for those worried about the musical style chosen the official soundtrack of Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets is not yet totally composed, and many atmospheric or ambience music in will appeared in a double-CD.

Now let’s talk about the advances made on the map. First, a new system that will enjoy a lot of players who were frustrated at the first map to not have enough space in their inventory.

Indeed it’s not revolutionary, but in this map you will still need spells, items, and so much space that improvement tools will be very useful for the player who has the habit of a limited inventory of Minecraft vanilla.

So we have, in addition of enderchest, added a system of supplementary portable chests as bags that can be called up whenever you want (for example in a dungeon) with lots of Dahäl.

Here is an example with a photo montage of the possible extended to the inventory in Across The Time 2. We are planning 3 more bags per player for the moment :

Secondly, we finally completed Billgart’s terraforming. The Dungeon is very advanced and is for the moment the longest of the game. This new dimension is part of the 7 realms of Across The Time, you have already traveled Angband, Ouranos, the Desolation. In the sequel you will travel 2 old and a new that will be Billgart. This dimension is very special because devoid of animal and vegetable life, it was imagined by a God barely competent.

It was a challenge for us to design it on Minecraft as was the Desolation in Across The Time. We like the challenges and always try to explore new ways of building or terraforming that goes against our habits. We hope that it will disorient the player during the journey through Billgart, it will not be at all rest because even if devoid of life, it is built all in verticality.

Better than long speeches, here are some photos of this dimension :


We also remind that the pictures are taken with shaders and sometimes retouched to have a rendering close to what we imagine. When you play the game everything will depend on which shader you want to use.

Here we end up showing you a small addition made some time ago regarding the resource pack. Heads and accessories of main characters to the story specially designed in 32×32 :

We have quite advanced as you can see, we begin to see the end of the tunnel. We have already done the biggest part of the project and we are really glad to see that the map is becoming more real because it will make nevertheless soon 2 years that we work on tirelessly, that is almost 3000 hours spent working.

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