The preparations for the ALPHA version are finally completed, and it is from this weekend that the ALPHA will begin!

We will have had 2 months of delays, but we have finally arrived at a stable and complete version of a first version of “Across The Time 2 – Time For Regrets”.

This was laborious, because there were many bugs to fix (sometimes with balancing problems very difficult to solve), but we are playing the work that we dreamed of more than 5 years ago.

We have also called on the latest forces to translate into English. Indeed, those who wanted to help us were able to finally get down to the task of largely translating all the dialogs on the map. It was not originally planned, but the ALPHA will also have its English version.

We therefore thank all those who helped us translate the entire map into English.

With nearly 20,000 functions including hundreds of thousands of active commands in the game and a substantial resource pack, we hope that the map will be functional for all configurations. The loading of the resource-pack and the map can take 1 to 2 minutes but once in the game there is no more loading.

The tests were very conclusive, but we do not yet know how the map will behave with more than 3 players, because it can sometimes be resource intensive.

For the moment the map has only been tested with two players max and we will advise not to exceed 3 players. Even if playing 5 will be quite possible, you will still need to have enough RAM and power for your server.

In any case, the ALPHA version of Across The Time 2 is much better optimized than the first map.

Also, we remind you once again, but this ALPHA is not distributed to everyone. This version is only playable by members who have contributed to help us directly for the map or who have made donations.

For the most part you will not be able to play the game yet, we do not want to distribute an unfinished map because this version will still have bugs to fix and will lack a lot of endgame content. But rest assured, with the time we spent on the pre-ALPHA, we are very close to the end and a BETA version.

Other than that, we have updated the counters on the main page and we leave the total development at 99% until all the endgame content is added. Everything else will be finished during the ALPHA period along with the fixes.

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